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Slowpoke here
>entry level
>{spoiler]Light and L die at the end[/spoiler:lit]
Ye ye, I know. That aside I really hope this continues to be so damn engaging.

>that scene
pic related

It's been a long time since I have managed to watch more than 3 episodes of anime in a row, let alone 7 and the night is still young.

So /a/ what famous/well-known/"old" anime have you yet to watch? Now's the time to work on that backlog, it might end up being more fun than you could have possibly anticipated!
>>{spoiler]Light and L die at the end[/spoiler:lit]Ye ye, I know.

L die at the middle

And if you are going for this shit read the manga you fucktard, the anime cuts 1/3 of the story and changes the end
>the anime cuts 1/3 of the story
Stop lying. I've seen it a long time ago but it was copy-paste.

Both endings are interesting. If you want the optimistic melancholic one watch anime. If you want the despair nihilistic one read manga.
Are you retarded?
The arcs between the death of L and misa being full retarded (yes, more) are out of the anime, and that is like 5 volumes
Everything else is a copy-paste, they just removed that volumes
>It's been a long time since I have managed to watch more than 3 episodes of anime in a row

Kill yourself yo
the series ends at episode 25, everything after that is fanfiction OP
this series is like the six sense and The Usual Suspects it's only good at the first run then it gets old real quick

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