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Okay /a/ I'm working on a little writing project about a yandere and have very little idea what I'm doing due to certain differences I am making to the formula. Therefore, I was hoping you all could help with your expertise on the subject.

Say a boy is yandere for a girl. This girl is a friend of his. Now say that this girl he's yandere for is a slut. Really sexy, kind of a tomboy, fun-loving in general, only sleeps with her male friends including him though.
What would he do?
Would he delude himself into thinking she's still pure and is only doing this to make others happy? Or simply accept she's kind of a dirty girl?

I want to thank anybody in advance willing to answer.

Also...yandere general I guess.
Sounds ridiculous, to be honest. Please make a story not based on Japanese archetypes. Unless you're posting this on Fictionpress,then go ahead.
Yanderes have been universal in storytelling since before the Greek gods. Japan's just the ones that felt the need to give them names is all.
i saw this thread a few days ago....
get out
Isn't /a/ the proper place to talk about such things? It definitely doesn't belong any other board I can think of and anime does have the most distinctive yanderes.

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