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So what was your opinion on ep2 of Nobunagun? It had its flaws but I believe this is going to continue to be alot of fun and am hyped for episode 3.
It's just going to turn into a generic battle anime.
I enjoyed it, but it's definitely going to turn into a generic battle anime. I'll probably watch all of it, regardless.
It was great. Training arc could be a bit dull though, we'll see how that turns out
I believe in our Tomboy MC to make this something more, episode 3 looks like antics and hopefully it wont give way to the generic battle anime formula until near the end
>impying it won't be bully the new kid Shio episode
>Nobunaga encourages her to open a can of whoop ass on Newton and Faggot Jack
It would certainly spice things up
So this show is like fate, only without the holy grail and with aliens instead.
Oh you know Nobunaga is just gonna tell her to go wild at every opportunity. Seriously, she is gonna end up being more dangerous then the Monsters by the end if she can't filter him out a tad.

Honestly, who is gonna stop her once the monsters are gone? Shes stronger then every other E-Gene user 5 mins after activating for the first time.
>we learn Kubey-sama is controlling the monsters all along,
>Shio killing him and everyone in Dogoo at the suggestion of Nobunaga actually saves the day, cute SoL for final two episodes
The only way to stop the her is to make all who oppose her dead, they are no breaks on the Oda Nobunaga train, anon
Oh I'm aware. The only way to stop Nobunaga is for Mitsuhide to show up and stab him in the back. I'm hoping they don't go all predictable and make the person she is fighting for his reincarnation.

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