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File: 1203470501025.jpg (28 KB, 388x351)
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So what does /a/ think about Fakir? Manly or fabulous?
(Hell, Princess Tutu thread in general)
perfect couple with ahiru. i really like to see them together. first half of the series he was just a dick though
He's kinda more fabulous than manly. In a heterosexual way though. Or should I say a zoosexual way?

Ballet, crying, writing a lot with that very gay looking feather pen, yeah, certainly not GAR, but it's also kinda obvious that he's straight, despite all the gay stuff he does, which says a lot about his personality.
He's manly, but you can't do ballet as a guy without seeming at least a little gay.
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File: 1204744879481.jpg (119 KB, 481x550)
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Also, in b4 Hall om Mig, Princess Tutu blooper dub clips, and "A duck is fine too."
File: 1204744887491.png (27 KB, 300x300)
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I liked Mytho/Ahiru way more than Fakir/Ahiru. Since most of people here will go for a latter pairing, have a threesome.
Manly and awesome even in the first half when he was mean.
File: 1204745319967.jpg (24 KB, 640x480)
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Posting manly Fakir in a Fakir thread.
File: 1204745334937.jpg (33 KB, 640x480)
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File: 1204745351474.jpg (27 KB, 640x480)
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Mytho was teh rei. He's a doll. I don't see why anyone would possibly like him more than Fakir.
File: 1204745588622.jpg (60 KB, 512x384)
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Far from GAR indeed, but still might have made a better candidate for SaiGAR than some of other contestants.
I mean c'mon, Anti-Spiral, Rossiu, and Yoko? I'm as big of a fan of Gurren Lagann as the next retarded fanboy but even I know when something's way too far from GAR to-Oops, I contradicted myself, didn't I?
Manliest human character in the series, for what it's worth.
Fakir is pronounced as "fuck yeah".
Idiocy. Ballet is manly. The training is more hardcore than most of the martial arts, it has to be done every single goddamn day, and you have to be in perfect shape.
File: 1204745986559.jpg (65 KB, 437x650)
65 KB

I said seeming

as in by appearance

I don't care if you have wrestle a bear and eat its heart out while it is still alive, it looks kinda gay.

Rossiu was kind of gar I guess. Moreso than the other two anyway.

Anti-Spiral was a pussy who was so afraid of the spiral nemesis that he locked his whole race away. He just happened to be able to turn himself into a mech the size of a galaxy.

Yoko was a woman.

What's your point? I can put a lot of effort into being a flaming faggot. Just exerting yourself doesn't magically make you manly. Ballet is pretty high on the gay scale, sorry.

I'm sure there are straight male ballet dancers, but their job doesn't do anything for their image as straight guys.
File: 1204746467409.jpg (245 KB, 700x962)
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245 KB JPG
>Yoko was a woman.
Personally I think we should reserve the possibility of girl-GARs on the basis that when GAR first came about we said that men AND WOMEN were gay for Archer.
So theoretically, reversing the polarities will create a VERY similar effect with women.

But yeah, I wonder WHY they put Anti-Spiral there, I mean they practically flat out said he was the Anti-GAR.

> men AND WOMEN were gay for Archer.

See, you have to be pretty dumb not to notice your logical fallacy here. Archer is male. Women are female. It's physically impossible for women to be gay for archer.

Conversely, it's physically impossible for men to be gay for any woman. If you are male, women are not gar.
File: 1204746803984.jpg (43 KB, 400x300)
43 KB
You make a strong point Dr. Anonymous. I propose we skip the GAR talk and just continue to post Fakir.
File: 1204747114745.jpg (48 KB, 400x538)
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so women can only be GAR for other women?
File: 1204747300031.jpg (44 KB, 500x690)
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If you promise not to bring up GAR in this thread anymore, I'll post more Rue.

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