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OK everyone. New Monster Girl Thread. I will be posting some interactive story (first time so bare with me) with some random monster girl pics.

Friday night has finally come and after a week of exposing your powerlevel to the dimwitted society that we call the outside world, you are back safely in your fortress of solitude; You mother's basement. Surrounded by all things a man who has denounced all desires of the 3d world, you start up your PC and crack open a can of Dr. Pepper (for the enlightened gentleman).

"Today, I shall remind them again" you think to yourself as go through your colour categorized fedoras. The start of the weekend is pretty much the same. You come home from a day fighting the establishment and debating the brainwashing masters, the people call teachers. At home you shout to your mom to heat up some hotpockets, grab some Dr. Pepper and a bag of cheetos for a full night of patronizing, accusing, and pittying the plebians who try to defy you.

Your mom knocks on the basement door; "Honey, your hotpockets are ready, want to come upstairs and eat them with me?"

"No mom, this is my private time. Leave the hotpockets at the door and don't bother me for tonight" you shout at the door. "Okay hon, I will leave them. If you want to talk, I am here for you. Oh and before I forget. There is going to be some exciting weather coming tonight. Two storms will be colliding just above our city and the weatherman said to be careful of hard winds, lightning and evening flooding." she mentioned putting the tray with the food down near the door.

"Thanks mom" you say as you decide your armor for tonight:

[] Which hat will you wear?
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Obligatory Manticore.
Next time check the catalog before posting a new thread.


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