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What are some harem leads attractive and competent enough to justify having more than one girl going after his dick?
Doesn't really matter when those who fall in love with him eventually die.
Too bad they all die
File: snapshot20090624234626.jpg (135.96 KB, 1920x1080)
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Kenshi and Tenchi
Raishin Akabane

He may be weak and stupid in his universe, but holy shit does that nigger know how to talk to the pussy. Smooth as fucking silk. Able to turn a tsundere deredere in literally one conversation. So good with the bitches he turned a confirmed incestous lesbian pedophile necrophiliac into a cock starved slut.

If only he wasn't a siscon and actually did more with the bitches than manipulating them he would be a OG player.
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This fucking guy.
Ranma Saotome
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Tatsumi has only really been competent once, and he still failed to kill his target.
Hasn't he succeeded in every mission?
File: 4986641.png (310.59 KB, 966x1400)
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I don't think he's outright failed a mission, but he keeps losing allies, or fails something which another NR eventually takes care of.

He has a better record than Team Rocket here, but I still don't think I'd call him competent yet. He does seem to be getting stronger though, so maybe one day.
When was the last time he actually failed anything? I only really recall that happening earlier on when he took on Teigu users back when he didn't have on himself.

I dont know man, he managed to straight out block Esdese's attack, meaning that he bought enough time for Akame to kill Borrick.

He did good there.
This. Only instance I can recall of him actually screwing up ever was not finishing off the Rakhasa demon well enough.

Esdese was holding back because she unconsciously knew it was him, I think.

Popped out of stealth to get stomped by Esdese, instead of following orders to assassinate the target. Akame managed to get Borick in the end, but they nearly failed the mission because of him.

Failed to kill Mdese. I'll give him this one, because he was fast enough to save Mein, but he still failed to finish off his target.

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