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My little sister's ass can't possibly be this huge
Whats that a picture for giants?
>Same plushie that Kirino has.

Oh boy, here we go.
Anime when?
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>rewrite Oreimo
>remove Kirino

The man is a genius.
>OreImo author
>One-trick pony

Pick everything.
If it worked once, it'll work twice, right?
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looks great nice plushie
You are a ayase/kuro/manamishit/otherfag
you have come to share your butthurt.
I will drink your tears when
I see the Kousaka siblings in the background kissing and holding hands
So how is this?

> Hope newgirl is not anyhow like Kirino
> Megaprofit
> Kirinofags mad forevur
I'd love it if this series got serious towards the end because of t incest being "wrong"
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>No Otouto and Onee-san
>No Onee-san daydreaming about Otouto
>No Onee-san walking in on Otouto changing clothes and leaning against the wall watching with a smirk on her face.
>Read plot summary
>HIKKI loli imouto
>Dat illustration

Picked the fuck up. Non-blood related, but that's fine even for me who likes incest.
They're probably blood related.
Hah? It says they are not on the official website.
Plot twist, they start dating and THEN find out they are related.
I've read differently, but if that's the case, then even better.
My mistake.
This looks like another greatest love story ever told.
Ero manga sensei is the title. The new work of the oreimo author. So anyone translating this? I talked to some guys, who read it. And they said he did it again. It''s good
Yes he dit it again. It looks fucking interesting.
Anyone has the summary? That shit sounded like scribblings of a 12 year old mentally challenged boy in heat.
From bakatsuki. But it's too damn short here you go:

I always remember the day that my little sister arrived.
It was the begging of march. In the middle of all these hot days, only today was cold since the start of the morning, and only the white sky was looking down from my side.
Just like the snow in the spring, I could barely see her hid on mom's back, facing down looking at me.
Starting from today, she will be your little Sister.
Take good care of her.
I smile and answered "yes" to the request of my parents.
After mom's request, I stepped forward, she kept facing down with her cheeks dyed red, and with a very light voice she muttered;
"Nice to meet you, nii-san"
After that, I never met my little sister again.
In a day on the middle of april, while I was making the food, the ceiling *dooon* trembled.
"wait only a bit more"
After giving an answer for the sounds that came from the room on the floor above, the answer that came back was more violent than before.
"Okay okay okay! I understood!"
I broke the eggs with one hand while holding a hot frying pan.
Chuu,*pachi pachi*. "Haa..." I sighed while looking to the eggs that were frying deliciously.
What should I do.
When I say 'what should I do', I am talking about our currently sibling relationship.
I, Izumi Masamune, Fifteen years old, First year high school.
Little sister, Izumi Sagiri, twelve years old, (Looking from the age) middle school.
For some circumstances we are living by the both of us.
My only family, my little sister/Sagiri, almost don't leave from her room-- in other words, she is a Hikikomori. Of course, she is not attending to the school.
Over that, she keeps resistance for meeting me, who is her brother and is also replacing our parents. I think there aren't so many tough hikikomori as she is.
it's a summary of the first two pages. If someone finds other summarys please post them here.
Grab the novel raw volume 1 here:

Is the little sister his actual one or just a step sister?

I wouldn't be surprised if he pulled they were actually really brother and sister all along but was separated from each other
Why are those illiterates allowed to translate?
it's just a fast translation made by somebody, he is not going to translate the novel. Who wrote this comment:

"First two pages... think about it as a random translation of the day, bye bye.

EDIT: Since I'm a bit drunk there should be some typos and mistakes, just don't worry," don't...

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