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I began attending cons in 2005. I started out with small local ones then worked up to larger ones. Transportation was always the main issue for me since the town I lived in was isolated. Some cons I enjoyed (Anime Expo woot) others…shall remained unnamed due to poor organization and the fact I got yelled at by Vic Mignogna (sp?) and his mob of pedobait fangirls when I accidentaly bumped into him and didn’t recognize him. Seriously Vic, way to go. Yelling at a 14 year old girl who just happened to NOT know who you are was uncalled for. He was walking down the hotel hallway where the con was held and I was running up the other way because I was late to meet up with someone. There were random mobs of people everywhere so I mistook his fangirl horde as another random mob so when I wove, shoved, and “Excuse me.” my way through them, I accidentally ended up shoving Vic too. His pathetic volunteer escort was another pedobait fangirl who had been too busy basking in the glory of her charge to actually do anything useful. I would have kept running past if he hadn’t stopped and tried to scold me for bumping into him. I apologize but he said it wasn’t enough because “Do you even know who I am?!?!?!” I think I said something along the lines of “I don’t care if you’re the President, I’m late!!!!” and ran off. I found out who he was later when a trio of his horde splintered off, hunted me down, and tried to make me feel bad about bumping into their god and not giving him a “proper” apology (which to them, probably would have meant offering to suck him off and wait on his every hand and foot). I think I asked them something along the lines of “If he’s so famous, what’s he doing at a shit convention like this?” (Granted, I found out this was early in his career…like pre-Fullmetal Alchemist so he was probably starting out?)
As if I'm actually going to read that.
Dear old creeper Vic and his pedobait army was definitely not the horrific part. Rather, they were the hilarious part and my first exposure to insane fangirls in real life (“Wow! I thought these only existed on the Internet in MSN chat rooms!”….and with that comment I feel old). That con also got me my first exposure with a creeper. As I said before, I was 14 and I very much looked the part. Flat as a board and still waddling about in babyfat. I was wearing a miniskirt that day because it was hot; me being cautious, I wore bike shorts underneath the miniskirt. When a guy asked me for my photo, I thought he was just another con person because they were taking pictures of EVERYONE not just cosplayers (in retrospect, it might have been because the cosplayers sucked). Creeper-photog revealed himself as such when he tried to take a photo of me by lying on the floor. He quickly realized his attempts were thwarted by my bike shorts. Instead of collecting himself and what dignity he might have have left and ran away, he then proceeded to rail at me for wearing bike shorts. He basically told me “At cons, girls are supposed to dress sexy! What’s wrong with you?” I replied with “….I’m 14. I’m not supposed to be sexy.” As his eyes widened and he started to back away, I starting screaming for security. He bolted but it was worth seeing security jump him and take away his camera. I found out later he was arrested because the camera was FULL of upskirt shots, probably of mostly underage girls he didn’t know was underaged.
so how many dudes have you fucked and which was your favourite cosplay outfit to fuck them in?
he next year I went to this shit con again was my last year. People were pushing and throwing each other into the pool and fountains, despite the hotel trying to stop people. One of my friends cosplaying Inuyasha (albeit badly but we have to start somewhere) got thrown in because “EEEEEE Inuyasha so kawaii desu! I wanna see you all wet!!!” Poor girl had spray-colored her hair white (didn’t look too shabby since she was already light blonde). You can probably guess how well that went in the water. By afternoon, the pool and fountains of the hotel looked like the Nile River after a flood. It was so disgustingly murky with sweat, makeup, dye, and I really don’t want to know what else. The hotel had enough of the con and its bad organizers by this point in time, so this con ended forever. Good riddance.

My experiences at larger cons were so much better. Anime Expo was my first large con. Nothing too weird happened there except a girl in a REALLY bad Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Larxene costume tried to harass me into taking a yaoi picture with random people (who, in retrospect, seems she had kidnapped). For reference, I was Riku in the Organization XIII coat with blindfold. It was a see-through blindfold and it is shocking the number of people who will stick in their faces in yours just to find out if you can see them when you have been OBVIOUSLY just strutting through a convention hallway crowded with people! Anyhow, that con turned out very well and I got a lot of fun pics of me and my friends (also KH people) taken, being the year Kingdom Hearts II just came out.
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>I began attending cons
Disappointed this isn't original. You could've at least written your own wall of text that nobody is going to read.
Only sad part of my first large con experience was that I ended up buying nothing that year due to being so overwhelmed and also only having an hour to navigate the massive dealer’s hall. The hour allotted was because of silly immaturity. The two eldest girls in the group had been tasked with the responsibility of watching out for us younger ones. They had also been told by their crazy paranoid mother that they were not to, under any circumstances, allowed to leave us. When we entered the dealer’s hall, we lost two overexcited younger members. The two older girls decided the best way to deal with this was to have one of them search for the two nutcases while the other one watched over the rest of us. She was terrified of losing us too so she made us stay at the front of the hall and wait until the other girls were found. Nothing is more tortuous to a young anime nerd at her first big con than seeing all the booths JUST IN SIGHT AND NOT BEING ABLE TO GO OVER TO THEM. But on the bright side of things, I saw a lot of funny stuff while waiting, like a Roxas being dragged out by security because he had brought in fuzzy handcuffs and was trying to handcuff himself to random people.

Right. Handcuffs. Next story…
Vic is kind of a tool regardless of how bologna this story may be, it's a shame I like his work.
Fuck off and take your con shit to >>>/cgl/.
What the fuck? This isn't /cgl/. Get the fuck out retard.
The next large con I went to seemed pretty chill. This year, Death Note was the “big” thing. I wore a Trinity Blood cosplay which was actually quite lovely (but good lord, it seems taking on complicated cosplay has become a regular habit now) and my friend Chris was L since it was easy. She wasn’t too bad either, seeing as she put in some effort to look like her eyes had undereye-circles as opposed to EMO GAWTH SASUKE MAKEUP. Also, it was pretty good for a first-time cosplayer and con-attendee (KEEP THIS IN MIND). We were walking peacefully through the Artist’s Alley when suddenly, we hear this ear-piercing squeal of “L-CHAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!” and this very short but very wide girl came barreling down to glomp Chris. Chris enjoys hugs, so she let the girl glomp her. Big mistake.

Mini-hambeast (Mini-Ham) starting chattering away about how much she loved “L-chan” and he was her “husbando” that she claimed in her own Deviantart group she made because “My baka friend Blahblah made a group and claimed my husbando L because she’s selfish and unkawaii.” Chris and I nodded politely and tried to move on. She grabbed Chris’ arm and continued talking. She was too polite to say anything but I told Mini-Ham we had to go. Mini-Hambeast proceeded to frown at me. “What are you supposed to be?” I wasn’t too surprised I got the question; I was a Trinity Blood character who only appeared in the novels and only a few persons had known my character. Also, the series wasn’t very popular. Anyhow, I told her. She then yelled “Baka! Death Note is so much more sugoi than your stupid vampire animu!!! L-chan isn’t even supposed to be with you!!!”

Then crazy Mini-Ham whips out a pair of handcuffs, handcuffs Chris to her, and runs off dragging shellshocked Chris along.

Holy crispy Buddha on a stick.
>>>/cgl/ is that way
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>blog shit
>probably stale copypasta (couldn't get over how long it was, didn't even skim it)
>going to a con
Get the fuck out!

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