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>This year's eighth issue of Kodansha's Weekly Sh┼Źnen Magazine is announcing on Wednesday that Kouji Seo will end his Kimi no Iru Machi (A town where you live) manga in the 11th issue on February 12.
Fucking finally.
It's going to be a shitty ending because he doesn't want to repeat the happy ending of Suzuka.
>Implying Suzuka's ending was good.
It seems like no one cares about the series anymore. I remember seeing tons of threads about this series, then the anime got announced and subsequently aired then no one said anything about it anymore, as such.

What happened?
I dropped it on the moment the cute, trusting girl was broken up with after nearly having a happy sex and life with the MC...
100 chapters in which nothing happened besides random girls wanting Haruto's dick for no reason.
I still like it for some reason. Dunno why. Sad to see it end.
At least it was a happy ending.
>decide to finally read this after a long time
>read it 4 days
>no idea what to feel anymore
>see this
well fuck me
It's always thrived on stupidity and drama, but the drama seems to have less impact over time.
Why do manga like this always have to end like this?

It did happen with Love Hina, it did happen with Ichigo 100%, it will happen with Nisekoi (and I bet the author will drag along those shitty tier 2 girls till the end - just leave it at Chitoge and Kosaki ffs).
Nisekoi has been shit since it started though
I enjoyed the one-shot

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