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So let me get this straight.

Ghost Banri is mad because Tada Banri decided to go for a woman who clearly loves him (Koko) instead of a woman who says she only wanted to be friends with him (Linda). Even though Linda is clearly lying, she insists they stay friends. Tada Banri decides to accept that fact and move on. So since Ghost Banri is the biggest faggot in this dimension and others, he decides that instead of also accepting the current situation of events, he should haunt Tada Banri for not continuing to pursue a constant liar? And to top it all off, his idea of cursing Tada Banri is to make his life miserable and unhappy. This stupid faggot fails even at that, and can only succeed in making his Summer a little bit more boring than it should have been.

Ghost Banri is a beta faggot and Tada Banri's life has only improved since the amnesia.

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