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Not the OP or the guy who took over, but what happened to this? We still need to rape the loli!

last entry:

After she's done cleaning off your dick she looks up to at you expectantly, waiting for you to make the next move or say something.

"I want you to break whatever batty magical bite bullshit this is. I need to get back on my search for Hachi, and you're going to fucking help me. Is that understood?"

She nods quietly, and you get an odd sensation like the reality of gravity returning to you after an intense themepark ride, your body adjusting to the spacial distortion fading away slowly.

"That's better, now I'm staved. Clean yourself up, you're covered in cum you filthy slut. I'll be waiting with some donuts outside once you're finished as a reward for being a good obedient slut."

You step outside of the bathroom with your box of classic glazed donuts clutched to your side like the holy grail of sweet treats, looking around to see if anyone's been waiting or noticed all the noise, and discover that everything seems to be exactly the same as when you went in.

You go to one of the seats in the shop and sit down waiting on Shinobu to finish cleaning up and join you, wondering what's taking her so long, and wondering what the fuck she really is, being able to create some sort of realm that ignores time. You notice something yellow out of the corner of your eye and notice an odd pudgy man with an extremely oddly shaped head walking up to you staring at your box of donuts, wiggling his finger and asking in a dopey voice if he can have one. You wonder who the fuck this nigger is if he thinks he can fuck with your take one of your donuts and you tell him to piss off, which he then replies with a frustrated 'D'OH' and stomps out of the shop.

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