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There's something really fucking off about this show.

The main character has noticed twice already that everyone else is acting strange.

It's reminding me of some UFO books I read as a kid. This shit is whack.
Because they are aliens\youkai
The siblings have definitely cast some sort of magic spell on everyone.
Hey OP is you're still here, you should read this.
Also don't read the Description, it's honestly complete bull shit and was write by someone who didn't even past the first chapter.

I didn't really find it that interesting.

I'm more interested in UFOs.
Let's see:

>main character has recurring dreams of herself as a child in the mountains that obscure her memories from her childhood
>suddenly two siblings from the mountains appear and say they're part of the family and move in
>they even want to marry the main character which alarms or surprises absolutely nobody
>the siblings have no clue how most modern technology works and have a limited vocabulary as well as cause a TV to freak out via proximity
>the younger sibling transfers into school at the wrong age-group and nobody finds this peculiar or surprising at all

Clearly we're dealing with Elves.
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We don't know how old the younger sibling is.
She's 9.

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