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Psycho Pass thread, I guess
Episode 12 was full "wat"
Shit finally hit the fan in the previous ep and then they decide to make a flashback episode of a minor character who barely has any dialogue.
Why is everything so dark, did you watch a Funi rip?
It does add some good context to the world in it though.
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Sounds like someone's distressed.
That episode had a couple of purposes.
>background on lesbo
>showing kogami and gino buddy cops
>showing the overarching nature of Sybils authority
>showing that there was a legitimate resistance to Sybil in the country
the worst QUALITY I've ever seen

Wasn't a bad episode, really, it was just in the wrong place in the order of them.


It was bad, but that's an overstatement. SamFlam tops that one episode weekly.
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I'll say it again. Urobochi ikes to play a lot with morality conflicts, crisis of conscience, institutional concepts, and the foundations of people's personalities. But when it comes to actual plot like the meaty substance of a crime drama, there is nothing there.

Say it all you like, doesn't make it true.
It was two episodes in a row though. I haven't seen Samurai Flamenco, but it's hard to top no gravity cell phones and somehow forgetting to fully animate someone's mouth so it looks like they have two jaws.
Confirmed for classic in 10 years
Does anyone has that gif where Akane is sleeping and the only movement of the image is from her breathing?

Name the top 5 anime crime dramas since 2000. Psycho-Pass is top 5 by virtue of crime dramas not being a big thing in anime.
That's how it is
>top 5 anime crime dramas
What's the point of making a "top" if you make it so specific?

It's like a top 5 magical basket fujoshi since 2000. Of course Kuroko will be first.
>There are people on /a/ who think Makishima's actions were justified
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Patiently awaiting Season 2.
can't wait for double moe police

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