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Hey /a/. I'm pretty sick and tired of my downloaded manga sorting like shit, so I decided to start working on something to deal with it.

If you could help me out by posting filenames like pic related I would highly appreciate it, as I could make the parsing as robust as possible, as I would like to eventually release the thing to the public too.
File: name parsing.png (14.55 KB, 461x84)
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One of issues in this whole deal is that groups can't even be consistent about the series names. It's probably the most annoying thing to sort out in this whole ordeal, so I actually started from there - I'm doing a custom MU search and look for the most likely name and use that. So far I've managed to scrape the regular titles, but to be more precise I should really scrape the associated names from the actual MU pages and run a check against all of those. I've also got a few ideas for cutting down on the amount of requests needed if you can be sure that all archives belong to the same series and stuff like that, but that'd come quite a bit later.
File: watamote_filenames.png (64.86 KB, 731x720)
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Everyone should really start using the Daiz file naming scheme.
That's what I'd like to turn the filenames into, actually.

Some things are going to be pretty hard, though. Looking at your image and seeing stuff like "VOL.01 Omake" made me realize that MU doesn't have any reliable information on what chapters are contained in volumes. Bummer.
for those too retarded to understand programming like me. batch rename utility is a great tool for renaming backlogs
My goal here would be to create something vastly simpler - ideally you could just drag & drop a whole bunch of archives to the program (or point it at a folder), tell some basic info (like check a box if everything selected belongs to the same series) and then it just does its thing automagically.
ooohh so like what this guy did? he used to exhentai tagging scheme. I think he's too busy to release another update
Somewhat similar, though for regular series and it'd just focus on renaming the archives so that they naturally sort right when browsing the files.
I use this scheme:
Name of Series v01c01 [Scanlation group]
The volume number can be omitted when the scans do not come from tankoubons.
I intend to use this scheme:

>Name of Manga ch000-000 (v00) [Extra Information] [Group]

With this the natural sorting is about as good as it gets.
I use this scheme Mango Title+Extra Information v01c01-09 [releasegroup]

so that I know what chapters are included inside

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