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I think dastardly man is a pretty cool guy. stabs people in the back and doesn't afraid of anything
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Good episode, but I was disappointed that they didn't even manage to finish one round in episode 21.
Gambling slowly is preferred here
What the hell is supposed to happen in the next episodes? I mean, just look how many episodes a simple card game took.
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Kazutaka = Akagi Y/N?

The pace was fine, but I just hate the unnecessary cliff hanger. It's not like I'm not going to watch the next episode of Kaiji and it's obvious he's not going to die.
When did he grow hair? I don't remember seeing his hair that long in previous episodes.
>a simple card game
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Genuflect will happen!

Also wut, slow moving animu are not bad. The dialogues and monologues are the most important thing, not plot progesson. The cliffhanger was kind of OH GOD though.
Hasn't Tonegawa been paying attention? He risked his life in Espoir to help people, gave up money to save a life, and refused to push people on the bridge.
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Hair of drama!
I knew it was going to end on a cliffhanger. It was pissing me off too. I WANT 22 NOW DAMMIT.
Even if the outcome is too predictable this episode had me at the edge of my seat during 23 fucking minutes.

I love this show.
His head shits hair from all the anxiety.
You can always watch raw if you're that impatient
No fun when the dialogue is the best part of the show. Kind of ruins it for when the subs come out.
Gameplay wise it is pretty simple. It only appears to be complicated due to the risks involved and the people who worry more about them.

Disregarding the risks and concentrating on destroying your opponent is what made Akagi badass and a good player.

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