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I know requests are looked down upon on here, but here's one that's been bugging me for years, I don't even know if it's anime or not.

The animation was kinda like studio Ghibli, but much darker, kinda like Mononoke or Nausica in style I guess.

Anyway, I watched a bit of this when I was like... 9ish, back in 1999, so it's really vauge.

Anyway, what I remember, was that this dude, hunted these flying manta-ray like creatures or something, as a means to provide for his village or something, and ends up eating one or something, and then transforming into one. That was the ending, I remember it ended with that, and it was kinda twisted...

Anyone have ANY idea what I'm talking about?

Pic unrelated ofc.
It took me 3 minutes using google.
Less dark than I remember, but that's it...

How did you find this? Teach me your ways...

I googled for a whatever came to mind, and got nothing.
I only typed "anime manta hunter village" and the first thing that showed up was a review (in my language) of the thing. I then typed it's name and got a video. Checked the end to see, and it was how you said it was.

Yeah memories are funny things. If I rewatched the anime I started with, I'd probably hate it.
Well, thanks anyway anon, I appreciate it.

And yeah, I remember this being very traumatizing as a child, pity it doesn't hold the same impact as before.

Anyway, I'll just let this be on its way to 404land, thanks agai.
No problem, see you around. (You can also delete your thread)
It won't let me (dynamic IP)

See ya.
Shit looks traumatizing to me already and I'm on minute one.

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