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>super happy anime show hasn't started airing again
Life is pain.
What the actual fuck is up with this thread?

I see it an hour ago and ignore it.

I see it fifteen minutes ago and it is at the bottom of the catalog.

Ten minutes ago I decide to go looking for it and it is gone.

Now it is back up in the middle of the catalog with no posts.

I refresh and scan the catalog way to frequently for it to be someone bumping it and deleting their post, and it would be near the top of the catalog and not the middle.

Is this some thread sorcery?
Okay so in one refresh this thread dropped down from page three to page eight, and the next it jumped up to the current page four.

I think something may seriously be wrong with the database.
>I think something may seriously be wrong with the database.

Do you think someone might be stealing all of moots bits?

Seriously though, can you watch this thread for a few minutes and confirm what I am seeing?

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