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Which anime are you watching this season?

For me, nothing new seems all that interesting aside from Space Dandy and Hikuushi. Worth picking up something like Tokyo Ravens or Samurai Flamenco?
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this one
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Anime is for faggots, girls, and children. I am none of these.
SamFlam is a bit iffy. It switches genres really fast so if you don't like it right away just wait and it will change. The problem is once you like it that is going to go awy in an episode or three.

Tokyo Ravens is kind of meh. Mangafags are saying that the next few episodes are when it is going to change, so I am holding out.
The one you posted an image from, op.
Seki-kun is pretty fun. Bite sized stories to kill five minutes. Cute with a certain whimsical conceit that is endearing.

Strange+ is interesting both visually and narratively. Nothing original to it, but the pacing is good, and the characters are involving. Another short, but in this season there isn't much that stands out and I am assuming that you have seen most of the regular series.

Yowapeda is still pretty good. It is in that initial training stage of sports series where they are actually fun, and it is easy to get into. Interesting thing is it has gotten a lot of anons into biking who never would have thought about that before, so maybe it will spark a new passion in you.
Tokyo Ravens is ass
Watch Hozuki and Nobunagun
Nobunagun is pretty fun. Aside from it, though, I'm just watching leftovers from past season.
I liked Wizard Barristers' pilot,
Space Dandy is okay,
Kill la Kill is getting kind of tired,
Seki-kun is fun,
Chuu2 is the same as ever,
I'm watching 21 anime this season, at least twice that I ever started and 4 times more than I ever finished in any given season. But I've only been following seasonal anime since 2008 or 2009.

Two of them are not actually good, two of them I'm still not decided about, the rest is all tons of fun.

Most entertaining season I've witnessed yet.
I'm watching Kill la Kill, Zvezda and Witch Craft Works. Not much.
>Kill la Kill is getting kind of tired,
>Chuu2 is the same as ever,
I think exactly the opposite, KLK keeps being constantly great entertainment, while Chuu2 is significantly less fun than the first season.
>Tonari no Seki-kun (best of the season so far)
>Witch Craft Works (suprise of the season for me)
>KLK 2 eps in, will continue, but won't rush it, it didn't impress me that much yet
>Chuu2, though only cause I liked the first season, the 2nd is quite meh so far
>Wizard Barristers is so-so, next few eps will decide if I drop it.

Planning to check out the following:
>The Pilot's Love Song
>Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.
Finally, will wait for Nagi no Asukara to end and then watch the whole season.

And slowly finishing some stuff on my backlog, which is quite long.
I don't understand its flow at all. Chopping up Senketsu just so Ryuuko could pick him up in the next episode seems like a blatant play for time, but they simultaneously got three boss characters in and out in the same episode.

It feels rushed but tedious at the same time.
It went against expectations, so I liked it a lot.
Wizard Barristers, Zvezda, Nisekoi, Recently Strange Sister, Log Horizon, Engaged to the Unidentified, Kill la Kill, Witch Craft Works, Chuunibyo.
I like anime.
Shit, forgot Tonari no Seki-kun and Mushi-shi.
Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. was surprisingly well done. First episode lifted itself well above the level of "good" into "exceptional". I don't know if it will stay there but the characters are all very likeable so I'll probably stay with it until the end.

Other than that, it's all about Space Dandy for me. I'll give Wizard Barristers and maybe The Princess and the Pilot a try at some point.
Didn't the main girl's ridiculous unrequited "love" turn you off?

I dunno, maybe I'm getting old or something, but it seriously made me cringe. It felt like something from a bad shoujo manga.
chuu22, klk, log horizon, pupa
shit season
Noragami, D-Frag, SeikaiSeifuku, Wizards Barristers, Tonari and RGZ.

Nobunagun, Space Dandy and Hamatora still under 3rd ep rule.

Watching WCW and Inari too, but with no hurry cause i'm sticking to respective manga series.

Rest is either not my genre or 2nd seasons of stuff i've yet to wacth (Silver Spoon, in my backlog) or didn't like.

I might give a try to something among those "not my genre shows" later on in the season, especially if i'll drop somehting else.
Watching Mikanukin atm as "skipped as default, but giving it a shot".
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