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which was worst eva movie?
All of them. Evanjellyon is shit.
3.0 was the greatest theatrical achievement of all time, hands down.
Haven't seen 3.0 yet, so I can give best judgement.
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>worst eva movie
EoE is the best movie of all time, objectively of course.

It was nothing but a recap of the series.
I enjoyed watching it, but I pity anyone who actually spent money on it.
I admit that my not particularly caring for it may be an influence but I found it to be the most redundant of the movies. (somehow, and that's comparing Eva movies of all things)
>but I found it to be the most redundant of the movies.
How can something that was completely necessary be redundant?
3.33 was entertaining, could've been way better though in a lot of aspects and that's why a lot of people were disappointment.
Because I do not think it was at all necessary.

The end of the series is to wrap up the story, to provide the conclusion to the themes and for the characters. 25 and 26 did that while EoE took twice as long to not even do it not as well.
EoE is a series has some very well made parts, iconic even, but it's interspersed among slow, dawdling, clumsy parts and all just to do backtrack and rewalk the same ground.
Death&Rebirth because of the choppy-ness
>Because I do not think it was at all necessary.
Then you're wrong.

>The end of the series is to wrap up the story, to provide the conclusion to the themes and for the characters.
The series end didn't even include the pivotal plot points which facilitated Shinji's final development.

The fight scene with asuka was always intended to be there, and was meant to cause Shinji's psychological state. Leaving it out was completely inexcusable.
I don't think you have actually done any research on how evangelion's development if you actually think that the ending we were given was sufficient. Especially when the driving forces behind Shinji's epiphany's were left out entirely.
>The fight scene with asuka was always intended to be there
Dude, I know that. Hell, it's even in the Next Episode preview, there's no way I could miss it. I knew all about EoE and the production problems before I even saw D&R, years before.

Asuka's fight and it being the cause of Shinji's state were originally intended but the plan changed due to circumstance. And you they say about the best art being made under tough conditions, It's applicable here, the changed story is better for what the series goes for.

Shinji's development coming entirely from within the group mind of instrumentality fits well with the ideas that Evangelion addresses, especially all the ones about interacting with others. The End of TV is a far more economically told version that gives us two entire episodes to flesh out the characters which in Eva focuses so much on the characters and their internal problems, it's a very good thing.
>it's even in the Next Episode preview

It was only in the DC version not in the original.
>it's a very good thing.
And I'm not saying that the tv ending was bad, but for the period between EoE release and the televised ending, we were left with a very incomplete story.

I love the TV ending, but I'll be damned to say that EoE was redundant, let anon unnecessary. Both of them are needed for a full understanding if anything.
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Death and Rebirth. Excluding that I'd say 3.33, not because I think it's bad, it's just not as good as the rest. Also a cat Eva.
That said I still liked it, though I did just see it in theaters not 3 hours ago
Incomplete and lacking a full understanding, as in we do not see everything they wanted to show, yes that's true. (though we never see all of the writers ideas in any story) But it is a complete story.
The themes of the show and Shinji's story and his revelation are all completed by the end of the program. Especially with how of the show is spent trying to find some way to directly speak on the themes and its didactic bend, the instrumentality works brilliantly.

However, when you watch EoE, you can clearly see how it is intended to cover the same ground (naturally because the EoTV was a replacement for it) but because it has to deal with setting up everything, it lacks the tightness of the EoTV script; it dawdles about because of it setting up attacks, breaking down defenses and Fuyutsuki's damn monologuing at the camera. So it takes 2/3's of the running time to get to the climax, Impact and Instrumentality, and half the time addressing the thrust of the series; the themes, finale and revelation that it was building to.

But why wouldn't I watch the DC version? (I watched both.)
>it lacks the tightness of the EoTV script;
So what you're saying is that without constraints, they were simply wasting time?

I mean, sure, Shinji's revelations are all completed by the end of the TV series, but it comes completely at the expense of every other aspect of the show.
I mean, if you buy cereal but you don't have milk, a bowl, or a spoon, then you don't have any proper method of delivery. And then it doesn't even matter how good the cereal is.

That's what I feel like you're doing. EoE provided the proper contexts for shinji's development that were left out of the TV series. You can try and pretend that the giant robots, plot, and story weren't important to the show, but they were still the foundation that held the psychological aspects of the show together. And the TV series outright abandoned those aspects.
Why do you have a trip on? Aren't children like yourself supposed to be sleeping?

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