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I really enjoy kill la kill.

Do you?
mean i enjoy it but i don't think it's that good
I enjoy Jojo and its klk reference. Should I watch klk?
>le enjoyin anime face
It's only enjoyable with DameDame subs.
Yes, it's great, OP.
Sam is dead and gone.
pretty much in the same boat
Not really, I dropped it.
Nothing wrong with enjoying a show even if its not GOAT tier now and again.
We wouldn't ever get shows like colour waifu wars 120% climax if that were the case.
File: Yowamushi Pedal - 08 -4.jpg (92.63 KB, 1280x720)
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It's okay, not all that hyped for new episodes.
I'm more excited for new yowamushi episodes
Satsukis eyebrows give me a boner.
Should i call a doctor?

Well at least they're doing Monogatari now because I completely forgot to watch that.
They need to focus on making it fun instead of making it engaging from a storyline perspective, because they clearly can't manage both. They can't seem to figure out character development anymore, and I don't understand anyone's motives anymore either. Who the fuck is REVOCS? Why do I care? Stop leading up to fights that aren't animated for shit or simply don't happen. You've got a great suite of characters, stop introducing stupid new ones and have your current cast DO something.
File: 1110.jpg (22.90 KB, 320x182)
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Red won the color wars.

Anyone who says blue or purpleis a fahget
File: 1382951842411.jpg (60.77 KB, 500x376)
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Red always wins. Red is always the best.

Dr. Satsuki says to rub one out and call her in the morning.
Yfw she is cannon futa.

Seriously from thos studio its like 60% a chance. His crazy mom called him satsuki, dresses him like a girl and now hes on a crusade to make the wolrd as he sees it.

Makes all the clothing=identity horseshit seem relevant no?
No. I dropped it. But I may watch the rest with troll subs.
Monogatari is extremely deep, Shinbo's masterpiece. Keep looking for Sam. I'm sure he'll turn up eventually.
Are you retarded?

There's going to be a long delay before anything after 11 is subbed, and excuse episode 1. It gets a whole lot better.

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