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Crossover the last 2 anime you watched

>Fino goes to school and meets up with Yui and friends and partakes in their antics and google searches
>Sakura Trick
>Kill la Kill


/u/ everywhere
Wizard Barristers Magical Warfare

Hey, it works.
>Kill La Kill
>RE: Cute Honey

>Zero no Tsukaima
>End of Evangelion
>space dandy
>kill la kill

File: 1344486640060.jpg (203.87 KB, 1280x720)
203.87 KB
203.87 KB JPG
>Bakemono S2
>Kill La Kill
I'm really at a loss what would happen.
File: 1328664288347.jpg (14.65 KB, 300x300)
14.65 KB
14.65 KB JPG
>Nagi no Asukara


Would read a fanfic

>Ikki Tousen
>Good Luck Girl
Poor Mashiro ;_;
Homotora and Bamboo Warfare.

The shittiest of all time.
>Hokuto no Ken and Chuu2 ren


>Ikoku Meiro No Croisee
>Hanamaru Youchien
Yune attending Hanamaru Kindergarten? Yes.
Kill la Kill and Strange +

>Ryuuko hires the gang to help figure out who killed her dad. They meet a blind Senketsu who tries to be worn by the entire cast, to hilarious lengths. Then, Ryuuko wears him and goes off on her own, firing the group.
File: 1388959227552.gif (643.75 KB, 400x456)
643.75 KB
643.75 KB GIF
Hajime no Ippo season 1 + Nichijou.

This would be incredible.
> Space Dandy
> Chuu2 ren

So Yuuta and Rikka live on the Aloha Oe with it's crew, while Rikka can fulfill her chunni dreams in space?

My crossover is terrible ;_;
>Hamatora × Silver Spoon S2

Hachiken and his gang of paranormally-gifted friends investigate mysteries at his agricultural school and the surrounding country side. Most of their powers are farm-related and result in hilarious hijinks.
File: 1350787355624.jpg (88.86 KB, 1280x720)
88.86 KB
88.86 KB JPG
Hmm... yea still no idea.
>Chuu2 universe
>Everything is the same but with Kenshiro instead of utah, who is for some reason in High School
>The show is about how Kenshiro deals with having a chuu2 girlfriend, with hilarious results, while at the same time fighting some Mutant Super Yakuza

I'm sold.
>Kill la Kil
>Tonari no Seki-kun

HOLY SHIT...Seki-kun would probably win ultimately, somehow. I don't think my dick could handle Kamui Yokoi.
Gin no Saji and Golden Time.
Its would be Gin no Saji with more romance I guess.
>Eva (3.0)
>Kill la Kill

Talk about opposite MCs...
>Shinji in a kamui
File: yusuke.jpg (201.97 KB, 1440x1080)
201.97 KB
201.97 KB JPG
>YuYu Hakusho

I don't see any change.
>Gin no Saji
>Kill la Kill

>Hachicken doesn't know what to do with his life so gets recluted into Satsuki's school, were he soon becomes part of the elite.

>Ryuuko's father was killed while working in some genetically enhanced cows six months ago, so she goes to that country school looking for revenge.
>non non biyori

>marii regales the gang with tales of her youth in the countryside

Not a fucking clue.
File: image.jpg (126.74 KB, 1280x720)
126.74 KB
126.74 KB JPG
>Kuroko no Basegay
>Tokyo Ravens
Kuroko steals Raven coat and the story will never progress.
Ok, why does this exist and how I didn't knew about it before.
Thanks a lot anon!
>Code Geass
>Golden Time

I can't even imagine a scenario.
>World God Only Knows


File: I want to see MORE.jpg (230.73 KB, 1051x448)
230.73 KB
230.73 KB JPG
>sakura trick
Cromartie High School x Great Teacher Onizuka.
OK, I can see this how this could work. Onizuka comes into Cromartie to cure it of it's delinquent problems, becoming the only teacher in the entire school. Everybody has a good time.
Soncio and 08th MS team.

Sonico and friends play music in Gundams... or something. Its late.
>Chuu2 Ren
>Tonari no Seki-kun
>Sakura Trick

>Silver Spoon s2

Maybe Sakura Trick will start being less shit with Hachiken there to save the day.
>Yozakura Quartet

Now, this could actually work.
Sekis antics are now boosted by the chuunis imaginations? Or Seki is now a chuuni?
>Wolf Cubs Ame & Yuki
I don't know, you tell me.
File: 1388090489874.png (375.26 KB, 959x486)
375.26 KB
375.26 KB PNG
>Onee-chan ga Kita
>End of Evangelion
>Tonari no Seki-kun
2 of the best MCs of winter in one show? Do want.

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