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Thread 1: http://archive.foolz.us/a/thread/100353257/

"She wants me to take the initiative?" You think to yourself. "Alright... I will!" You wrap your right had around her head while your left, around her hips. "She has child bearing hips... I like that" You think to yourself.

Then, you introduce a little tongue into the kiss. You could tell she liked it by the way she moaned. Your tongues dance a lewd dance with each other, your juices mixing in the other's mouth.

She could barely hold her pleasure as she struggles, you could feel her trying to push you back most likely because she couldn't take so much pleasure.

Then, as she starts kicking her legs she accidentally runs her shins onto your foot. You knew just how sensitive that body part was so you immediately pull back to ask Rina if she is okay.

"I'm okay Anon..." She says while trying to catch her breath. "Was that your first french kissing?"

"Yeah" You say to her proudly.

"I... I see..." Rina says. "Hmm I guess you could improve on it a bit..." Then you realized your mistake.

She must've been trying to push you away because it was a horrible kiss. You then start to apologize to her but Rina just smiles at you and says. "It's alright non, it was your first time after all!"

She takes out her handkerchief and she wipes the corner of your mouth. "I can help you get better if you want!"

Then, as Rina wipes your mouth, you see Rika right behind her, watching both of you. looking around, the now isolated spot is filled with students. "When did they get here? How long has Rika been watching!?"

Then Rika nonchalantly passes by both of you. It was almost as if she was trying her best not to be noticed as she goes into the crowd.

[ ] "Sorry Rina, I have to go"

[ ] Stay with Rina

[ ] Custom
[x] "Sorry Rina, I have to go"
[x] "Sorry Rina, I have to go"
[x] "Sorry Rina, I have to go"
[x] "Eh? Nandette"
We're back!

"Sorry Rina, I have to go"
15 more minutes
OP, you've been writing 12+ hour long epics on and off for 5 years now.

Who are you and how.do you have so much time?
[] kick her in the shins damnit
Probably Yamakan screening his scripts on gaijin imageboards.
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"Sorry Rina I have to go" You tell her.

"Eh why?" Rina says in shock as she rubs her shins with a look of pain on her face.

"I forgot I had to do something today, I'll see you in class okay?"

"Okay, Sure" Rina tells you with a smile. You try and search for Rika through the crowds to no success.

"Rika!" You call out to her as no one answers. Then you realize that of course no one would answer, she is deaf for god's sakes! Then, you saw her. "Mako!" You think to yourself.

She seemed to be on the phone texting with someone. "Could she be texting with Rika?" whatever the case maybe, she was sure to be going to where Rika was going.

"Good morning Mako!" You greet her.

She gets startled as she was so focused on her phone. "A-Ah! Anon, good morning"

"Hey Mako, do you know where Rika is?"

"Rika?" Mako asks you as her smile turns into a sly smile. "Eh... why are you looking for Rika Anon?" It was almost as if Mako was trying to tease you.

"It's just these tickets..." You show her the StarLand tickets you got from Rika, "I wanted to ask Rika to go with me"

"Really?" Mako starts to look excited, it was almost as if you asked her out. "Hmm let me text her okay? I'm sure she would be excited to hear you ask her to that amusement park!"

Mako's tiny fingers glide across the keyboard on her cellphone as her tiny frame excitedly bounces up and down as she texts Rika.

Her blue eyes shone with excitement as her long golden hair bounces in conjunction with her small body... "I guess one of Mako's parent's must be a foreigner" You think to yourself as you watch her.


I'm just a bored Anon who has too much time on their hands.
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Do you really want to start this shit again?
It was funny the first couple of times but we already had a whole damn thread of this shit. Let's just move on to something else for OP to make us laugh at.

Your doing Gods work Anon, you've managed to keep me awake several nights now with your great story's.
This is fun, anon. Please, continue
hmm is it just me or is the thread not bumping anymore?
Well you're doing great, thanks for the fun OP
"She is at the cafeteria right now" Mako tells you.

"Thanks Mako!" You tell her with a smile.

She smiles back at you. "You are welcome Anon, say hello to Rika for me okay?"

You were expecting her to go with you, so you were a bit confused. "You aren't going with me?"

Mako just shakes her head. "No, unfortunately I have to go to the guidance counsellors this morning"

"Is that so..."

She nods her head. "Yep! I am a second year after all!"

Mako was the same age as your underclassman. "You aren't a first year like Rika?" she just shakes her head.

"No, I'm a second year, I'm a year ahead of Rika-chan" Mako then bids you farewell. "Well, I have to go Anon! bye-bye!"

[ ] "Wait Mako, I'll walk you to the guidance counsellors"

[ ] "Bye Mako"

[ ] Custom
plz respond
>[x] "Bye Mako"
We need to stay focused here or we won't be getting any deaf girl blowjobs.
[x] "Bye Mako"

Lets not get distracted, we gotta ride that Rika train!
"Bye, Mako" head over to the cafeteria to meet Rika!
My niggas
>[ ] "Bye Mako"
as much as blond dfc foreigner gets me hard, one-eyed deaf girl gets me harder
6 more minutes
You decide to meet up with Rika at the cafeteria. "Bye Mako-chan!" You bid her farewell. "She can't be my underclassman..." You think to yourself. Your underclassman was not a foreigner.

"Rika!" You wave at the girl sitting down on the table. "Rika good morning!" You were a bit excited to see Rika so you got a bit loud in the cafeteria.

Before you notice it, everyone was looking at you like you are some crazy guy. It didn't take long for Rika to notice you as well.

Immediately her face went through three phases. At first she looked excited, her lips were about to curl into a smile, then she remembers about your kiss with Rina and her excitement is changed into her trying to force a smile. The last phase was her trying her best to try and ignore you.

"Rika! Good morning!" You sign to her as you get to the table. "Is it okay if I sit with you?"

"Go ahead" She signs back at you while trying to avoid looking into your eyes.

Why is it still page 10?
Good job on the permasage inspector redwood

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