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You see the most beautifulest woman you've ever seen in your whole entire life. She turns her sandy blonde head and stares deep into your soul with her azure eyes. Then, a series of tears roll down her cheek to her large nose where it drips; a leaky faucet.
"I love you... Don't die..."
You reach out your hand to comfort her, but then-
Then you wake up; realize you're late school!
You dress in a flurry, run downstairs and grab-

What do you grab for breakfast?

A) Toast
B) Jelly Toast
C) Buttered Toast
D) A little bit of both
E) Skip breakfast
My dick.
>going to school
>most beautifulest woman you've ever seen
You grab a dick. What?
Looking again you see it's only a long summer sausage. Deciding it's better than toast you grab it and start running to school.
When you reach the gates, you hear a familiar voice.
"Sendpie, wait!"
You wait. Turns out it's your best buddy, Niconico-chan!
He fills you in on all of the recent gossip around the school, including a new mysterious foreign transfer student with large breasts who excels in every imaginable subject.
You reach your homeroom and open the door. What do you do next?

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