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Ubunchu anime adaptation when?
I'd rather they make an anime about a distro that is not shit.
>generic looking male character
Already dropped.
What about an anime about the high-school of operating systems? We would have the Linux class, the UNIX class, the Windows class, etc. Windows class is the evil class obviously.
No gentoo manga?
There are no modern Unixs left. Just decedents and clones:


Even with a proper kernel, not all distributions meet the requirements of UNIX-like. Even older versions of OS X are not considered Unix like.
/g/ please
Unix class would be OSX and a bunch of Christmas cakes.
I had a really good idea for an anime like this, but I can't quite remember how it goes. I think it had something to do with the Unix Philosophy. Like, it wouldn't just be a high school anime populated with OS-tans, rather, the characters would actually embody and reflect the characteristics of the subject they are based on. So the unix girls would be modular and drop-in-compatible, the gNewsense girl would be freetarded, the Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu girls would be popular (with different competing groups of fans) and healthy...something like that.

I guess it would be kind of a LOT like Upotte! except about technology instead of guns.
I have been ruminating this idea for years, here's a copypaste from a previous post

In the Linux class we have all the popular distributions. Minimalist distros are flat-chested, full featured distros have bigger tits. Red-hat based distros wear Fedoras, server distros wear meido costumes. They're the main focus of the show.

In the Unix class we have the BSD sisters and the commercial unices, like Solaris, HP-UX, Mac OSX, Xenix, etc. They have some rivalry with the Linuces but generally they're friendly to each other. Xenix is actually a Microsoft product and hangs out in their class a lot. OSX always gets in fights with the freetard distros.

In the Windows class we have the desktop editions of Windows, Windows Server and ReactOS. Like Linux distros, Window server editions wear a meido costume. They are all very unite, with the exception of ReactOS which is bullied by the rest of the MS girls. They're all very evil, want want to take freedom from people
>I guess it would be kind of a LOT like Upotte!
So it would suck?
It would suck if you're a mouthbreathing cheeseater with dildos for hands.

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