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Is there anywhere I can get the original version of this with the english dub in HD? The only HD versions I can find anywhere are either the shit-tier 2.0 version or has japanese audio only? I've looked on every torrent site and I can't find it unless its a god-awful quality dvdrip.

>inb4 subs always better than dubs
I like the dub, sorry if it upsets you.
>with the english dub
Stopped reading there. I'm not giving you a hand so you can indulge in a butchered version of a masterpiece.
I wouldn't say its butchered. The original audio is superior but its a pretty good dub.
I was just watching this 5 minutes ago, incredible movie with some of the atmosphere in film.

It's on Bakabt but you can get it relatively cheap on DVD with Dual Audio of course. I got my copy with Innocence for £2.
I dont think it exists OP. They didn't release the original version on bluray, they released just 2.0
hmm, could I download the japanese blu ray off a torrent and somehow insert the english audio track from the dvd on it? Is that possible?
Is 2.0 really that bad? I've never seen it
Imagine you're watching GiTS spliced with PS2 game cut scenes.

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