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Just about to finish MM! today and was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions to some good tsundere romance/comedies? Would be greatly appriciated!

>i know its not everyones favorite genre but i like it
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Hidan no Aria
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I've heard that its kinda bad...
Have i been misinformed?
No better or worse than MM!
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i liked it enough
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ill give it a try then, thanks
Any suggestions on stuff alittle more in the romance direction?
Idk why but i cant get enough of the tsundere role after watching Toradora
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Mayoi Neko Overrun.

P.S. つんでれ that switches fully to the でれ side don't exist these days.

Only 1 of those 5 are bearable. and one of them is probably one of the worst tsundere's ever
File: 1359084705117.jpg (74.74 KB, 452x339)
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The author told me that Arashiko is the true end.

You better mean Shana is bearable and Louise is the worst, anon.
love that show

also try Koi Choco
File: wallpaper-803191.jpg (1.04 MB, 3500x2470)
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ill try that too
and yes sadly :/
Was it a joke? I thought anon was giving OP actual suggestions based on the fact that he liked Toradora.

As a tertiary point, I'm in the same boat as OP right now.
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At least someones in the same boat!
its hard to find stuff comparable.
I did like oreimo tho, even tho the ending was a cluster fuck
Nagi is the best on that list m8

She's the least tsundere out of all of them. Louise is the worst but she's redeemed by the fact that she goes extreme dere whenever she isn't mad at Saito. Also she got pretty fucking docile after awhile(in the LNs at least), she only reverted back to mega tsundere when Saito gawked at other girls with no remorse even though he was in a legitimate relationship with Louise.
thanks ill try that too, ive looked at all these on
MAL before but none caught my eye.
ill have to give them a chance i guess
please don't talk about oreimo
causes shitstorms im aware
and it also isn't good.

So, anyway, Shakugan no Shana is relatively well received, maybe try that one?
yeah, one thing i realized is that descriptions can really undersell a show

also, ratings can be wildly misleading as they are subjective

try a couple episodes if you're on the fence about a show
I posted both of those.
Aria is terrible. Louise is pretty bad but gets some decent moments in the later seasons.

Nagi is annoying at first but gets better but is daughterzoned hard. It's a great show, but requires a really high powerlevel to get even a quarter of the jokes, so don't pick it up until you have finished a LOT more if you have to ask this question.

Shana is the one you want but you need to hang in all the way through S3. A lot of S2 is shitty but S3 is actually on my 3x3.
File: wallpaper-44416.png (242.45 KB, 1920x1200)
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Yeah, i feel like i have to since it is pretty well received and has what im looking for apparently.

Im starting to learn that as well
alot of shows ie liked so far have been nothing special on the ratings

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