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A quick question from someone who normally doesn't into animu; Is it a trope for a character's shoes to fall off while they're walking/running to imply they're clumsy, foolish, ...?

Sorry for the not exactly board-related question
What's a trope?
A figure of speech.
Idiots think it means something else, though.
A common usage of something in a genre.

Like, in Japanese media, does that happen frequently? Or is it just some weirdly specific thing in this movie I'm watching.

The main character is clumsy/foolish, and several times when he tries to run his shoes just fall off and he has to stop and get them.
>A significant or recurrent theme; a motif.

Your thing is another definition of it, but obviously not what I'm referring to in this thread.
Isn't this something that is depicted for the sake of realism? If you run rapidly and your shoe is not tied on tightly, it might fall off; this seems logical enough. Perhaps it's a form of social commentary on the shoe industry in Japan and how good laces are too expensive.
And your thing is something that was made-up for a shitty wiki written by obnoxious idiot teens who know jackshit about storytelling.
That happens all the time irl niglord

I bet you've never even ran to school with toast in your mouth
And has come into the vernacular usage as words are wont to do.

How do you think language happened.
It only happens to the one character though.
Apparently it's just a thing specific to this movie.
Not that way.

And doesn't matter. If the word describes something that only exists in the minds of people who don't know what the hell they are talking about, it's idiotic to use it that way. Like transethnic.
And yet, when a large portion of the population understands what one means when they use it in context, it means what they all believe it to mean.
>Is it a trope for a character's shoes to fall off while they're walking/running to imply they're clumsy, foolish, ...?
Thank you
A: That's an opinion
B: It does not matter because it doesn't exist and the "large" portion are idiots.
>muh pure language


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