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>Original ending was along the lines of The Mists' ending
> Ending will be different to thank the fans for their support

How and when will Attack on Titan end, /a/?
Epilogue involves a young man in a space exploration program. Titan forms are given to astronauts to help them cope with the harsh conditions of space. As he leaves, he looks back and sees the Earth ravaged from years of exploitation, and hopes that they don't screw up the next planet they terraform.
It won't. Have you heard the end of Evangelion yet?
>How and when will Attack on Titan end, /a/?

With Eren opening his eyes on that field as a kid. Full loop reset motherfucker.
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Orks invade, loot the titans.
The climax features Dr Yeager revealing he is the Zeus Titan and the creator of everything in a strange plot in the name of Mikasa's mother to make the people in the walls to move to Japan. Armin explains how that's silly, so Dr Yeager loses it and destroys everything. There are a few shaky red-tinted silent shots featuring Mikasa's head flying through the air, Sasha Blouse being boiled like a potato, a shed collapsing to reveal Reiner and Bertholt inside making out. Eren rushes for Mikasa's decapitated body, only to find that her head had grown back. She is sobbing uncontrollably, but manages to make out that Dr Yeager had been a puppet all along, and the true mastermind was herself. There is a painful elongated titan transformation scene, finally ending with a giant foot stomping at the camera.

Eren wakes up from a horrible dream. 10yo Mikasa is waiting for him. They walk around towards the wall, and see the Colossal Titan peeking over. He takes a good long look and runs away. They walk home, discussing what a sight it was. As they get home, they hear screams coming from the house. They run. When they stop to breathe, they are approached from behind. It is Dott Pixis. He takes a long sniff of Mikasa's hair, bids them good day, and turns into an eagle and flies off into the sun. The sun goes out.
>Original ending was along the lines of The Mists' ending

Eren mercy kills everyone right before the titans are defeated? I would have loved the reaction, now I'm disappointed

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