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Hi, I am re-posting this in honour of CurtainAid - please pass this on to your friends, family and co-workers so we can put an end to this atrocity before we regret it forever.
Our consummeristic world of today has never faced a greater threat to the integrity of our values. In the UK last month we found that a third of 14- to 16-year-olds had first seen sexulised curtainographic images online when they were 10 or younger – 81% of those polled looked at fabrics online at home, while 63% could easily access them on their mobile phones.

Another study showed that that the earlier men use curtain porn, the more likely they are to have trouble developing close, intimate relationships with real women. Can you believe that some of these men prefer artificial fabrics to sex with an actual human being? They are bewildered, even angry, when real women don't want or enjoy curtain sex. Images have now become so extreme that acts that were almost non-existent a decade ago have now become commonplace. We here at CurtainAid do not wish to impinge on anyone's rights - sexual acts between two mutually consenting parties are encouraged, and sometimes healthy. However, what kind of disgusting world do we live in now, where a simple household item like a curtain cannot escape the sweeping sexualisation of our lives by the media? Did you know that 75% of fabrics feel inadequate to their silk counterparts? The media is feeding us a warped fabric image that is distorting the minds of our young ones, who are illegally practicing curtain sex in their own homes. Curtain porn has got to stop. FULL STOP. Thank you.
>shit ties
Would not rub my dick on

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