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I wasn't sure which board to take this to. But I think it might be related. My problem is that I need diagnosis.
I seem to be weeb for westiboos. I thought about it, at first I thought it made me patriotic, seeing parts of my culture in someones else's. But then I think that its not patriotic because I don't usually think on that scale. When I enjoy western culture in anime its humbling, I like to think of it in a friendly way. Examples are, I enjoy FLCL alot, because of the soundtrack and the baseball, and the punk vibe, and the overseas character. My other favourite animes are either older, or of unorthodox animation styles. I enjoy Dragonball, and Trigun, and Tekkonkinkreet is one of my favourite movies. Alot of my friends enjoy NGE and Killakill and TTGL. I've been aware of NGE and TTGL before I knew them, but it never caught my interest. The only tastes we have in common is I like the style of Madoka, and nichijou interests me.
In summary, I enjoy western culture in anime, I am friends with tumblr incarnate (not proud, but its all I've got). And on top of that, I hate weebs. Not because of their interest. But because I feel like there was some misinterpretation between cultures, as there is with any kind of communication.
If my language causes some kind of unbiased opinion on me, please say so. I'm not familiar with this board or its terms of communication.
I'm sorry if my tastes in anime past 1990 don't go too far beyond gianax. Its all I've been exposed to.
I'm at your mercy /a/.
Here is my objective opinion on an diagnosis for you based on my experience as an anime expert: You have Good Taste
Not your blog.
Nice blog Aniki.
Nice autobiography, I'll get back to you in a few days once I've finished reading it.
You have a narrow heart.
So, what is this thread about?
pls go
OP watches anime but only likes stuff the stuff that looks western.
OP blogs at us about it.
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owls are my favorite bird of prey
The door is that way!
No way I'm reading all that shit
So let's see. You watch some television and movies, but the ones you like are the ones where you "see parts of my culture", your culture (you) are addressed "in a friendly way", you don't have interest in the ones that are different and foreign just the ones that have what you are familiar with, western culture.
Diagnosis: You're the person that Hollywood remakes of foreign films are made for. You are an Amurrikan.

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