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You know what to do.
Christmas cake femMC is desperate for some love and tries to score with her clients. She is a real estate agent.
Harem series...

The protagonist gets tired of all the bullshit the girls are putting him through, and either gives up or leaves completely.
"White Lily"
Anime film about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lydia_Litvyak

An opportunity for a fairly serious film about WW2 aerial combat which still has some cute girls in it.
Fuck plot my anime consists entirely of fanservice
An anime heavily based off of Boogie Nights about a hotshot voice actor or something in the hentai industry with September or Best of My Love as the OP sung by generic Japanese VA's like KanaHana.
Male MC saves the life of an old lady who almost was hit by a truck. He walks her back to her house and she gives him a gift, saying she really is a goddess and kisses him on the forehead. She says that if he's a virgin when he hits 18 he can make any wish he wants. The catch is if he loses his virginity before then, the girl will get the wish. The series is him trying not to be seduced or raped by most women he sees (who are now inexplicably attracted to him), including family members.
The anime's protagonist, an unnamed, self-insert, fedora-wearing vagrant with intellectual leanings, probably in his late teens, wanders the streets of Japan's capital, 東京都 (Tokyo), in pursuit of nourishment. Over four episodes he meets a number of more or less mysterious persons, the most notable being tsundere-chan, a young woman with whom he engages in a mild degree of physical intimacy. He exhibits a self-created code of chivalry, giving money and clothes to needy children and vagrants, not eating food given to him, and turning himself in for stealing. Essentially self-destructive, he thus falls into traps of his own making, and with a lack of food, warmth and basic comfort, his body turns slowly to ruin. His social, physical and mental state are in constant decline. However, he has no antagonistic feelings towards 'society' as such, rather he blames his fate on 'kami-sama' or a divine world order. He vows not to succumb to this order and remains 'a foreigner in life', haunted by 'nervousness, by irrational details'. Finally, as the anime comes to close, when his existence is at an absolute ebb, he dies.
Mine is a spinoff

"To Aru Rezubian no Terepouto." In a world divided between magic and science, conflict and war has become a natural thing. The political and religious powers confronted each other on in World War III, and the Earth is on the brink of the Apocalypse.

But none of that matters: Shirai Kuroko going to save our asses. After the disappearance of the "Imagine Breaker", the world needs a hero ...: A 13 year old girl with pigtails and a horrible voice.

Prepare your motherfucking taste to enjoy the most AWSOME, INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, SPECTACULAR, GRANDIOSE, KUROKONAZING, SHIROCULAR, TELEPORTUBLE show that J.C. Stuff has prepared only for YOU

Love with her senpai, accompanied by a girl with flowers in their hair, pursued by a useless Satenslut. When Touman not shit, the story begins.

I would pay for this to be made. Kuroko all day, every day.
Title: Shonen Anime #457649.87

MC is a 15 year old equipped with a sword that shoots fire, which is used by him to save the entire world from an evil army of pointless villains.
You forgot a thing: The pointless villains appears always on powerful scale up, and never a strong enemy before a weak
A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted with by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE

But if they're seperated by dimensions, how will they ever meet each other?

Is it supposed to be tragic? I kinda want it to be tragic.
SoL about a bunch of cute engineer girls working in the hangar of a space warship that has giant robots. A crew of 16 or so, having good times, fixing robots in space, etc. Only then in episode 3 the hangar is ripped open from an attack that kills about half of them (visually seen being ripped in half by flying debris, the air being sucked out of their lungs, etc), some managing to stay on board but about 7 being flung into space. These girls then manage to find a damaged ship that still has life support but are unable to contact their home ship. So they work together to survive, but ultimate are forced to become cannibals while eating the dead crewmen on the ship. This scars some of them mentally. Then relief, or so they think. An enemy pilot in his mech docks on the ship and proceeds to engage in a Jason/Freddy/Michael Myers style slasher killing spree. He kills all but three of the girls, one of which sacrifices herself to blow up the ship with him on it. He is last seen fucking one of the dead girl's corpses. The two survivors take his mech and try to fly back to their ship. However, they're found by pilots from their faction, who are very pissed off. The girl's desperate cries for help and pleas for mercy go unheard. The series ends with the screen going black and a piercing cry, followed by a montage of pictures of all the girl's in their younger days before they became crewmen on the ship. They're all smiling and happy, with the last picture being of them at their military graduation, the two surviving girls standing next to each other as they salute.
Hayai, anon.
this is actually a really fun idea

someone actually make an anime out of this anons idea please
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249.19 KB JPG

Sounds like someone I know.
...This is a great idea. I'd fund it.
It was a normal day for the MC. All the sudden something crazy happened and now there are girls everywhere that all want his dick all the sudden.
SOL set in contemporary Britain, following the friendship of six kids in Essex.
The characters are as follows:

A bold and outgoing boy who lives on a council estate. Drinking, smoking and with a horrendous working class accent he appears at first glance to be a chav. A closer look reveals that he is surprisingly smart, charming and knowledgeable, but also wild, hedonistic and with a cruel sense of humour. Seen as leader of the group, often spearheading their actions. He has a softer side under his cocky bravado, and is basically a good person.

A posh girl who has only come into the inner city college because her dad moved there for work. Despite being out of her depth, she quickly makes friends and bonds with the chav. With a rather mischievous and sometimes manipulative personality, much of the anime would consist of the witty, adversarial conversation between the two, and their various attempts to prank or outdo each other, occasionally allying to screw someone else over. Eventually become a couple, and convinces him to stop smoking.

A brilliant, passionate and irrational young artist with a history of broken hearts behind him. He will see a girl, fall instantly in love, pursue her and begin a brief and passionate relationship (he always gets the girl), which soon collapses. In tears he declares that he will never fall in love again, only to repeat the process a few weeks later to the amusement of the others. Generally emotional and open, he is quick to anger.

An outrageous slut of a girl, with a reputation for sleeping with anything that moves, simply because she enjoys sex and wants lots of it. Initially she and the artist dislike each other because of their very different attitudes to sex and love, but they grow on each other and start a relationship. It is revealed she comes from a very unstable domestic environment, which may have contributed to her behavior
Loli Fanservice.

Where's my check!
A teen anarchist who spends his time gratifying walls with the A symbol. He is however not your typical edgy anarchist. Rather than being an anarchist because it's cool and edgy, he wholeheartedly believes in the cause, and is committed to Bakunin's doctrines which he has read extensively. He has enough sheer charisma to have a few converts. The others in the group playfully indulge his rants about the state, with the exception of...

The local government councillors daughter (which party is never revealed, but she is a firm supporter of it.) Usually the calm, rational and level-headed one of the group, she finds the anarchist's delusional insistence that a revolution is just around the corner infuriating, and constantly argues with him over politics to the confusion and boredom of the others. She's quite shy outside of the friend group, and the hard worker in school. Initially has a crush on the chav, but eventually falls for the anarchist.

The SOL would follow the group as they get into various shenanigans – breaking into an abandoned building complex for an adventure, causing drunken mayhem at various parties, following the artist on occasion quests for love and a beach episode where upon arriving at the coast they find it's pouring with rain, and spend the entire time talking in a fish and chip shop.

The mood would be comedic, with occasional shifts into a more serious tone, but melodrama would be avoided at all cost, with the emphasis on subtlety.
The protagonist is an average 16-year-old Japanese boy who just transferred to a new school. Right before class, he meets an incredibly beautiful girl. He starts fantasizing about her, but realizes that she is way out of his league. When he walks into his classroom, to his astonishment, the same girl happens to be sitting right next to him. After brief interactions, he slowly comes more attached to her, although she hasn't shown very much apparent interest yet. One day, the girl is put in an uncomfortable situation and the protagonist comes to her rescue, heroically, even though he had to go out of his way to help. She looks on, starry eyed, and instantly falls in love with him. Other factors inhibit their relationship for a few episodes, but they eventually share a kissu. The end.

That wasn't very hard.
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819.21 KB PNG

n-no she just reminded me of who I'm thinking of for some reason

she's 3DPD so you probably won't be interested
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1.40 MB GIF
The MC is a hero who is tasked with killing the demon lord.
When he gets there he finds out it's a girl?!
Not really, it's actually an old guy who disguises himself as a girl to ward off would be heroes.
The hero finds this out by tripping and ripping off the disguise.
The old man explains he's just hiding from the church for crimes and used the whole demon lord shit and demons as a trick and it was all an illusion to keep the church at bay because he once wore the pope's hat thinking it would be funny.
When the hero gets back the church condemns him for not killing the demon lord and now he's on the run too.
The series revolves around the adventures of the upstart hero and old man as they go around scamming the fuck out of everyone to survive while hiding from the church.

It isn't a big meaty story but I think it would be chill as hell and fun to watch.
So think of Fist of the North Star
But everyone is a cute girl
Okay we have a generic high school guy with magical harem powers, but instead of denying each girl until he has a backlog of women, we see him try to date them as they begin to show interest and how the girls leave him after their date because they notice how lame and boring of a person he is.
Alternatively, the first girl that he screws up on befriends him and helps him with the other girls and she ends up setting him up with a trap on accident who also befriends him after the date. MC grows as a person and takes knowledge away from each of the girls he screws up on.
Cute rally drivers doing 2 left, 100, tightens things
妹の物語 (Imōto no monogatari)

SOL about 5 girls who have an older brother or sister. Two of them are middle schoolers, two are high schoolers and one is a grade schooler. None of them know each other, but the events of their daily lives are influeced by the others. The girls never directly interact between them, but sometimes they end up being in the same place at the same time. Each of them have different problems, going from bad grades to problems with their parents or siblings, and over the course of the series they try their best to overcome said problems. Without realizing, they are mutually helping each other solve their issues and grow as persons.
>Random highschool mc guy goes to school in the morning.
>Girl with bread in mouth runs into him, and falls down.
>Underwear clearly visible
>"Did you see?"
>Kicks MC
>MC sues her
>She has to pay
..some time later
>She badmouths him for beeing beta etc.
>"What did you just say about me?"
>Sues her again
>She has to pay again
>Has to prostitue herself because she doesn't have enough money
>First night on the street
>MC comes takes her to love hotel, fucks her brains out and pays with the money he got from court
ok, it's pretty shit i gues
Aliens have invaded earth. Except these aliens aren't green martians or gigantic beasts, they're qtpi girls. And the only way to kill them is by taking their virginity. Our meek, mediocre protagonist has been tasked by the President of Earth to overthrow the ruling qtpi government by seducing and sleeping with them all.
>MC is a 13 year old guy
>His parents don't give a shit about him
>One night, his bike is stolen
>Knowing his parents won't care, he decides to look for it himself
>He goes around asking his neighbors if they had seen his bike
>No one has seen anything
>When he is about to give up, he realizes he has one house left
>He goes to the last house and rings the doorbell
>To his surprise, a girl about his age opens the door
>MC tells her what happened, and she decides to go find the bike with him
>Thus, they embark in an adventure which will take them to the darkest corners of the city in order to find MC's beloved bicycle
>Over the course of the anime, the girl goes full yandere. When they finally find the bike she gets it run over by a truck and tells the MC that she is the only one he can ride.

Can the first girl come out as a lesbian for ultimate wingman status?

and slowly take over as main character, with just as little success?
24 episodes of cute loli scientists inventing machines to do things such as time travel and flying, and the various humorous situations they get into revolving around their inventions.
I see that people haven't realized that realistic =/= enjoyable yet.
I like this idea but why the FUCK would they be hanging out together. There is literally no reason they would be considering they are from completely different economic standing, social class...most have conflicting ideals...
I was actually thinking of making her main girl after a while of seeing how he really is through helping him. I was planning on making her a lesbo fujoshi though.
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157.06 KB JPG
All I want is a SoL comedy in the perspective of a rookie cop

and the chief of the department is voice by Wakamoto
Haven't thought about that actually, but I don't think it's particularly outlandish to hang out with people from different backgrounds if you get on with them. Even if initially some of the set couples don't like each other, they like everyone else in the group.

How about this: with the exception of posh girl, most of the kids all went to the same secondary secondary school, and then were the only five to go to a certain sixth-form college from that school, so naturally stuck together. Posh girl comes to the college alone, and by chance ends up becoming friends with them, especially the chav.

>goto-san: the sol

Yes please.
After the world is taken over by a robot army, a space knight, a jamaican ninja and a reaper girl set off into space to try and rebuild the lost peacekeeper guild known as The Protectors.
lol bakunin <3
MC is a foreigner who decides to move to Japan because he's a weeaboo, he's 20 something so he applies for a shitty job there and get's hired. He only speaks his native language sometimes during the first episode and then switches to Japanese to "practice it more". The anime is called:
"My life as a filthy☆Gaijin!"

Complete fucking bullshit.

You can't fucking sue for insults.
I had a dream about this the other day (in 3D), and when I woke up thought it could work as an anime. Haven't thought out the finer details yet.

Two sisters, one 11 and one 8, are alone in the world. 11 year old has brown hair, blue eyes. 8 year old has blonde hair, blue eyes. Their father is dead and their mother is a drug addict who left them some time ago. For whatever reason, they are not put into an orphanage or adopted. They have found shelter in the top floor of a run down apartment complex somewhere up north (could be Japan, UK, US, Scandinavia, Russia, etc, as long as it's cold and snowy). The two girls are intelligent but have not attended school since their mother abandoned them, and the older sister helps to educate her younger sister any way she can. The sisters struggle for survival, scavenging for food, avoiding dangerous people/situations, and trying to keep warm in the winter months.

They experience the highs and lows of survival. The joy of finding a plentiful food source, or warm blankets. The pangs of hunger and the fear of death when one of them gets sick. The two of them both break down at different points, and the other must talk her through it and help her keep going. At some point, they get separated.

There is nothing lewd about the girls, the show is meant to create a paternal attachment and feeling of wanting to protect the sisters. Basically it's a grim, slice of life style anime of cute girls doing survival things.

I just need a good way to explain why they are alone and not taken care of.
File: tumbling down.gif (105.83 KB, 432x432)
105.83 KB
105.83 KB GIF
The show begins as a typical SoL about a group of friends doing anime stuff in a school enviroment. When they begin this week's problem with club bullshit or something the main character changes from the normal MC to someone else. It turns out MC has severe anxieties and wants to please these "friends" he hates, who seem to think they live in the typical anime world. Every episode he works to keep them happy and content through various methods from threats to blackmail to moderate violence. He moves things behind the scenes and deliberately appears oblivious as worst-girl, best-girl, and everything in between throw themselves at him in a harem fashion so he can obtain the difficult-to-grab Open End. The show continues as the MC attempts to cover all cliches, peaking at the school festival, where he has to somehow manipulate the whole school into helping with the act without noticing.

The series ends when the fiends are forced to reveal that they have been playing along with his fantasy of living in an anime, without them realising that he was doing it because he thought they were the ones stuck in their fantasy world. The last episode ends with MC smiling, then laughing as the camera zooms out leaving you with a still image of the city while the credits roll with the laughing decending into crying.
Akira and Harada love the same girl (let's call her Yui) in high school. Akira and Harada are also best friends. Akira is a bro and decides that Harada and Yui should be happy together. They graduate, Harada and Yui marry a few years later, and Akira is their best man.

Five years later, Akira is a 25 y/o guy who got in with the loan sharks and now is being harassed by the yakuza. He gets a phone call and is informed that Harada and Yui were killed in a car crash, but their baby daughter has survived. Akira was named godfather of the daughter (let's call her Saya), and now Saya is under his care.

The yakuza oyabun hears of this, and comes over to Akira's place. Akira had just decided he was going to raise Saya all by himself, but the yakuza boss (who's single and unmarried) has always wanted a daughter and wants to help raise her too. So the yakuza boss arranges things for Akira's debts to be paid, in exchange for taking partial responsibility of raising Saya.
A boy of vague age seeks to become the best at a children's toy in the world.
The story is set in US during the civil war. Three guys are battling over a hidden treasure located deep into battlefield. The characters are a good guy which rarely speaks, a bad guy tied with the army, and an ugly guy which acts like a comic relief.
In the end, a final showdown takes place between the three and the good guy wins in the ends.
>MC moves to a new town and starts at a new school
>(un)fortunately for the MC his last name is the same as that of a large, well known yakuza family in the area
>this is played for laughs at first, with students assuming that he's the heir to the family and the MC plays along more out of bad luck than anything else, with no one giving him a chance to explain that it's a coincidence
>eventually the yakuza get word that there's someone new in town and he's supposedly part of their family, and they send guys to pick him up
>misunderstandings continue when he's brought before the boss of the family in the town, and in order to keep himself from being killed for impersonating a family member, the MC has to pretend that he really is a part of the mob
>through sheer luck he manages to satisfy their questions about how he is related to them and they welcome him as one of their own
>as the show goes on, he becomes more involved in the yakuza operations and ends up being the thing he was only pretending to be

>the family is tightly woven into the fabric of the town where they are thought of more highly than government and police both
>as such, he earns a great deal of respect (rather than scorn) for being a gang member
>but when corrupt cops decide that the mob hasn't been paying them enough, they try to bring down the family that has lined their pockets and replace them with one they can control
>using underhanded and downright illegal tactics, the police fabricate evidence, pose as yakuza and perpetrate crimes, and do a myriad of other things to spoil the yakuza in the eyes of the townfolk

>despite the fact that he is pretending, and despite the fact that the MC doesn't really have much good to say about gang members, he finds himself oddly attached to his new town and his new 'family', and wholeheartedly takes up their quest to keep the town peaceful, even dirtying his own hands to protect the people who look up to the mob for help
In a fantasy world a group of counter-culture youths become obsessed with the idea that their king and his government suck, and decide to move to an abandoned village in a region that no nation lays claim to, where they build their ideal society using what they see as 'good governance'.

It's smooth sailing at first, but people begin to get word about this great new town in the wilderness and migrate there, a slow trickle at first, then a torrent of people before long. The counter-culture youths must learn to implement real political, social, and economical changes in order to hold together their ideal little village, learning along the way that governing people isn't as easy as it looks.

The show is designed to teach pseudo-political morons who post nonsensical political rants on facebook that running a country is harder than it looks and that they should either get into politics and change it themselves, or they should shut the fuck up.
MC falls in love with his blood related sister. Knocks her up and now has to face the consequences of his actions. Do they keep the baby? How do they tell their parents? Is it possible for this relationship to survive?
Oh my god.
I had thought the same thing O.o
Are you me?
The MC is possessed by a demon and it gets partially sealed by his older sister, but it still torments him. The demon makes a deal with the MC that, if he helps him kill somebody, he will release his grasp on MC.

This person is some kind of badass with some unique powers, but eventually the MC manages to manifest the same kind of power and defeat them. It turns out the person he was sent to kill was his real father, and MC's older sister was actually his mother.
Just kidding, 10/10 if it has the scenes
It's been a while since I've seen this posted.
File: 2172183.jpg (785.66 KB, 708x906)
785.66 KB
785.66 KB JPG
Sickly loli in bed all the time. Her friend visits her every night to tell her what she did that day; in exchange, the bedridden girl tells her a story she made up that same day, they're always new. (maybe we see the stories "come to life" and be animated from time to time)

Years pass and by the time they're both high school-aged her friend doesn't visit her as often. She's made other friends at school, of course, and wants to spend time with them as well. The sick girl, being sick and all, has lived at home for most of her life. Her friend's visiting times become shorter, and more hurried; most of what she tells the girl now is relationshit drama between people at school. The girl still keeps her promise of telling a story, but little by little the stories stop being so happy and colorful and become bleak tales with heartbreak, violence, and bad endings

A whole week, then two weeks, then a month passes with the friend not visiting.

This is where I ran out of ideas, does someone else want to end this for me?
A show where sensei-chan wins.
Okay get this:

Dinosaurs are coming back to life and rampaging and killing people. So there is this old man, the MC, who is a guardian of the spirit of the forest, and even though he hates city folk, him and his buddy (a snake) need to save the city folk so that the natural cycles aren't disturbed and the forest is safe. Along the way, he attracts a large harem of schoolgirls, but he is old and can't remember what love is so he ignores them.

So basically this geezer and his snake get into typical shonen-shit adventures trying to defeat the prehistoric menace, all the while learning about living life in modern day Japan rather than an isolated forest.
I don't know how to continue it but I really like this idea.
Thanks, I thought of it four years ago
This... needs to be a thing.
Eventually the friend stops visiting.

The friends brother, a former hiki trying to find his way in life and newly enrolled in community college, gets a call from his imouto asking him to visit her friend, who she forgot about after she went to college.

Once there, the girl, bitter at the lost of her friend, ask him to never leave her and to promise that he'll be her friend forever. Everyday, he visits her and tells her stories of his events in class, home, or even his dead end job; thinly-veiled with covers of valiant knights, super heroes, and even idols.

Then the sister returns for an NTR incest end.
Anyone have a link to the wiki so we can pretend it was ever going to be something?
Anime version of Miami Vice. It'd be kind of like Darker than Black but with more suits, and less philosophy.

Obviously it'd be from the criminal side, not the cop side.
Google 'Keit-Ai' it's like the first result.

I tell myself that I'm going to write this one day but I've never made it further than ten thousand words before scrapping it.

I'll write it one day and release it on /a/.
Were you one of the people who actually started the idea? Because I was interested in joining the team, but I wasn't sure if it was completely dead or if there were still people interested in it
Show follows a student at a modern-setting magical college, who pays for it by working at the equivalent of Starbucks right outside the university. When she puts on the enchanted smock and hat, none of the students or teachers recognize her as the person they go to school with.

It's an episodic anime, focusing on the dissonance between how one acts among their peers and around "wage slaves", because of course college students/professors are going to look down on someone who has to work a shit job to make ends meet.

And it's magical because my brother misquoted Wizard Barrister as "Magical Barista".
would watch the fuck out of
No. It was already pasta when I came to /a/. I just write for fun and I'm actually pretty good.

I'm pretty sure the project is dead and I don't play nice with others in the first place, so I never bothered to find out if they're still active beyond looking at the wiki.
Yeah me neither, it's really hard to collaborate with other people on creative projects.
I do remember a guy talking about writing it sometime and never doing so in another anime plot thread, but maybe that was just you.
Fight Club but with lolis
Would watch if it's incredibly violent.
Probably, I've said it before. Never motivates me to actually do it though...

Might watch. I'd prefer non-loli though but that's just me.
File: 1271464935505.png (106.59 KB, 459x356)
106.59 KB
106.59 KB PNG
Not entirely sure if it works, but bear with me.

Setting's probably a '20 minutes in the future' esque thing, and many people have converted to a new religion that has sprouted up. This is primarily due to a sort of champion/messiah that showed up to sorta clean things up and get people more focused on not blowing each other the fuck up. Partially successful. Only the majority of converts only really hopped on the bandwagon in hopes of becoming an immortal powerhouse like the champion, whether in life or after death.

Cue the champion realizing shit's going to go down soon, and he need someone to help out. Unable to really trust any followers, he ends up enlisting a girl who really had no intent on doing anything with the religion. So suddenly being drafted is not exactly her cup of tea, especially since she has to deal with being unrecognizable due to a new body.

Plot would likely focus on exploring the reason people follow ideals, a person's desire verses a person's intent, and how religion can be either good or bad depending on how people use it, just like anything else. Basically heavy thinking stuff. Mostly a instructor/unwilling mentor sort of interaction, not really much chance for romance.

Oh god I feel like a hack.
A young man, cursed with immortality after challenging a god over the wrongful death of a woman he loved a thousand years ago, meets a new girl who reminds him of life's beauty.

His second chance at love is ruined by the reappearance of the very same god, who has returned, grudge still held, to ruin the MC's happiness once more. Will he have the strength to save the woman he loves this time? Or will he be left alone for a thousand years more?
>Foreveralone.jpg, the anime
The ending is that the god kills his new waifu and he really is alone for the next thousand years.
FMC buys a run down hotel that was about to go out of business despite being in a good location. The show follows her as she fixes the place up, starting with absolutely zero construction skill, and meets new and interesting guests as she manages to revive the holiday spot.
Main heroine is a phoenix girl that never ages, but one day she falls in love with a young and hardworking intellectual, and they get married. Once they marry, the phoenix loses her ability to stay young forever, but she still ages much slower than a normal human. And the fire in her blood still courses through her children, and each child grows up to be people who would never give up and persevere until they achieve their goals, no matter how many times they're struck down by failures on the way. The children grow up to be world-class scientists, writers, lawyers, mechanics… you name it. (They had a lot of kids.) And those kids marry and have more children, and the grandchildren also go on to do marvelous things in life.

After her husband dies, the phoenix decides to travel the world. Though she may not always understand the language and/or be confused as to what to do in a given situation, what her children taught her allows her to bypass those hurdles. And as her children and grandchildren scattered around the world for jobs and training and travel, she occasionally meets one of them purely by coincidence.
File: gc1_to_doc_cap.jpg (110.73 KB, 270x600)
110.73 KB
110.73 KB JPG
Would watch.
>enlistment scene


>girl meets girl
>they run away together because second girl turns out to be a cyborg
>chased by shady military organisation
>overly convoluted backstory

Cyborg girl is some sort of secret agent(in a very low-key way, more Tinker Tailor than James Bond). She's on the low end of the chain and doesn't really have a clue what the ultimate goal of this spying is, other than that it's related to something historical. She's part of a "race", if you will, of cyborgs who were part of a colonisation project(it's more complicated than that but SPOILERS), and they've basically infiltrated Earth Replicant/Cylon-style(It's kind of a space-opera setting on the macro-scale, but the actual story takes place almost exclusively on Earth and is mostly cyberpunk).

Normal girl(sort-of-normal? actually-human-normal?) is a bit of a military brat, she ran away from home for a while after one too many relocations, joined a gang, all that teenager stuff. After a major stand-down a few years back before the story, she managed to get back on speaking terms with her parents, and has settled pretty normally. Lives with them because military privileges mean a(huge) apartment above the(literal) Poverty Line(colloquially the "glass ceiling"), an institutionalised population split in the structure of most cities(below it everything looks like Syd Mead, above it, everything still looks like Syd Mead, but Elysium instead of Blade Runner, very much extrapolated technology and architecture instead of bullshit design). Cyborg girl has initially gotten close to her because of this military connection, but >never get to know your target. A couple of episodes in, cyborg girl gets shot due to a slip of the tongue that happens back in the first episode, staggers out of the parking garage it happens in, and practically runs into normal girl. They end up having to flee below the line, and the series takes off from there.
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Bal-Shadi is the King of Treasures. A man with hundreds of stories of his, and his band of friend's adventures, all across the world they traveled, to the highest peaks and the deepest depths, finding the greatest secrets and the largest treasures.

But like all stories, they all have a humble beginning. This is the retelling of Bal-Shadi's growth to a legend, from the very start. This is the legend of the King of Treasures, the story of Bal-Shadi
>Takes place in a university
>MC is a girl who is an undecided major and has no idea what she wants to do with her life
>Professor of the General Psychology lecture makes an announcement that disability services is looking for a note taker for this course for a specific student. MC decides to try it
>MC has to meet with the student after each lecture to give the notes, so they plan to meet up at the library
>First meeting with student gives MC a bad impression since he just slightly smiled, nodded, and didn't say thank you. Her impression is that he's a cold, recluse guy.
>After a few meetings, he still responds the same way to MC. MC who is annoyed of him "being ungrateful" yells at him saying that's he's supposed to thank her.
>The guy gives her a confused look but realizes that she misunderstood him. He writes down on a piece of paper explaining that he's deaf which shocks MC for not knowing
>MC and the guy get closer to each since they start studying together while MC becomes more interested in trying to improve communicating with him
>They start developing feelings for each other despite misunderstandings
>Ending: MC surprises the guy that she learned sign language. Guy confesses to her by actually saying "I love you" out loud after practicing those three words with his friend's supervision to make sure it sounds perfect and understandable.
A deconstruction of characters being sent to a fantasy world.

Four of them go.

The first one dies on the second day when he finds out just how dangerous sword fights are and that reading fantasy novels cannot prepare one for actually using a weapon.

The second dies about two weeks later after contracting a virus that is common and minor to the people of the fantasy world but that her Earthling body is unprepared for.

The third dies when he smiles at a beautiful princess and she has him beheaded for trying to rise above his peasant status.

And the fourth dies not long after that because he doesn't speak the language and has no way to earn the money required to even feed himself.

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