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File: ginrei-as-daisaku.jpg (150 KB, 1280x1711)
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I just watched Giant Robo in one sitting.

Show some love for the leggiest secret agent ever.
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this is now a leggy lady thread
This is now a panty thread.
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>this is now an Agent Aika thread

Shit, I need to still watching Giant Robo. I got the DVD set for like 16 dollars. Whether buying is gay or not, that's a good deal.
File: 1204703478887.jpg (246 KB, 800x1150)
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Giant Robo is more than worth buying.

Also, all 7 OSTs were up on Rapidshit, they might still be there.

Ginrei ;_;
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File: 1204703561740.jpg (92 KB, 559x800)
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Don't forget to get the Ginrei Special.

Got, Giant Robo rocks so hard.
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All I can give. Not that it's the last one I have, but you started a Ginrei thread five minutes before I had to leave for work...

And you know why? Because it never got its well deserved sequel. Why is it that good anime rarely get sequels?

That's the fucking stupidest reason to hate something ever.

The DVD pack was all the Giant Robo ovas and the ginrei special, for like 16 or 17.
I loved Giant Robo because there was very little fanservice. Seems like a weird reason to like it (it had other good, no, outstanding qualities as well) but something about a show being aimed at a general audience and not ronery otaku really spoke to me.

What little fanservice we did have - Ginrei and her fantastic legs - was very mild but still oh so hot.

I'm hesitant to watch the Ginrei special because I'm afraid it'll shatter my all-ages experience with the OVA.


It's better than Gurren-Lagann. Much better. Not as funny and the main character Daisaku doesn't go GAR even once, but it's an amazing, tear-jerking, fist clenching, heaven raising epic.
You are taking my post too seriously. This show is among my top five.
File: 1204705005205.png (268 KB, 640x480)
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Chief Chujo, FUCK YEAH!
You just convinced me to purchase it. My faith is in your recommendation.

Ginrei is moe!

This man, along with Alberto and Taiso were MOTHERFUCKING GAR.

The manga reminds me of Jojo. Anyone else get that vibe?
Damn you Giant Robo! Why didn't you get a sequal? And now your creator is dead so it is damn near impossible, unless he left like notes behind on where he wanted the series to go.

Giant Robo got no sequel for the reasons >>10037636
hinted at. Only otaku buy DVDs and Giant Robo was an OVA, so it sold like shit.

It sold more DVDs in America despite never airing on TV. If it ever got on TV, you can bet it would be the next Bebop.

Yokoyama's death was tragic but his estate could give the rights in his stead, especially if the original GR staff was signed on.
File: 1204710314009.jpg (230 KB, 1086x768)
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While the Giant Robo OAV is based on a majority of Yokoyama's works, the real mastermind behind the OAV was Yasuhiro Imagawa, who took what Yokoyama created and turned it into the awseome that is this OAV.

Not enough fabulous to actually remind me of current Jojo, but it does have this atmosphere brimming with unfiltered badass manliness and healthy dose of "HOLY FUCK! YEAH!" that Jojo has also.
File: 1204710437578.jpg (174 KB, 1024x921)
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Forgot to add: ...and I think Imagawa is still alive. So someone get that man some funding and let him do a sequel. I want my Operation Siege of Babel!
File: 1204714416115.jpg (189 KB, 931x670)
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I'm talking about artsyle specifically.

Look at the guy in the lower left on the left page.

Something I noticed looking up Imagawa.

>>Giant Robo (OAV) : Director, Screenplay, Story Concept
>>Souten no Ken (TV) : Script
>>Berserk (TV) : Script

And the kicker:

>>Bartender (TV) : Series Composition, Screenplay
Yep, Imagawa knows how to do them manly anime.
More importantly, post moar Ginrei!

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