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What would /a/ think of an ace attorney anime? They anime scenes and voice acting in DD but what if they made an anime out of the entire first game?
It would almost certainly suck.
The theme doesn't lend itself very well to an anime. Every episode would be:
>court adjourned
>"fuck we need more evidence"
>court again
>take thats
After those DD cutscenes I no longer want one.
It would be a video game adaptation so it'd undoubtedly be terrible.
Considering how funny the movie turned out I see no problem with that. Sure if you get some incompetent like Araki to direct it, you can bet it will be an utter borefest. His try at trial was crapstatic.
How would it even work? The best part in Ace Attorney games was cross examining and figuring out the contradictions. I doubt it would work well in anime.
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It would increase the amount of porn.
They did pretty well with the Layton movie.
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Video game adaptions are always bad. No exceptions.
The average Layton game has more action than the average Ace Attorney game.

Ace Attorney would literally just be "Talking Heads: The Animated Series". There's nothing an anime could accomplish that the games themselves already can't. Casualfags wouldn't care for it because it's pretty much just a waste of animation. Gamefags would hate it because it wouldn't be as good as the games.

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