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Hey guys. I just came up with the idea in pic related, and really want to get it spread around. Unfortunately, I suck at graphic design, so I was wondering if there was anyone on /a/ who has the skills to make this look good so that it will be more likely to spread. I would also like some feedback on the idea. If we spread this to other anime communities like r/anime, tumblr, or reddit, faggots as they may be, their money could help make a difference. So basically, when faced with a choice between a Japanese and a non-Japanese brand, buy the Japanese one, unless it is too much more expensive for you to afford.
This is an awful idea and you should go fuck off and die.

Really, make your message shorter. The image and OP.
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forgot to mention that you're also a massive weeaboo.
Hahaha holy fucking shit OP, this is golden. I'm sure people will spread your image around except it won't end in a rejuvinated Jap economy but thousands of people virtually pissing golden streams straight into your asshole. Either way its golden
Shit, I just remembered I have to leave for an appointment that will have me offline for the next two hours. Keep this thread alive with discussion, I hope it's still here when I get back.
I was asking for someone to edit it to make it more likely to spread. Fucking off now, bye.
Thank you for the laugh, OP.
True love is only achieved when someone you care about pees in your butt.
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