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What are some mangas that aren't straight-up H-material, but still have a fappable scene and somewhat of a story each chapter?

Pic related, looking for more things like EMG.
Prison School
Seems pretty good so far, the MC reminds me of my highschool years.
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It reminds you of how there were women all around you, but you never did anything with them?
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Yup. Now I socialise with every girl I meet, but since I'm studying IT at college, there's not a lot of girls in class.
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Nana to Kaoru. It has become one of my favorite manga of all time, and it's steamy hot almost all the time I never fapped to it, though, I was too invested in the story and the characters. And I'm being completely serious
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Fairy Tail
Hantsu x Trash

Fun fact: TF also scanlates that series as well.

@ OP: You've also got 12Beast
Wow, a recommendation thread.

Just about anything from Ken Akamatsu.
>Nana to Kaoru
i can't read this, my dick goes beyond my control
File: 1370587879336[1].png (204.64 KB, 406x395)
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You're missing out, mate. That Dog Arc...
i stoped at the third special chapter and completely forgot about it, maybe ill pick it up again
Please do. It's awesome, and it just keeps getting better.
Don't have access to an image at the moment, but koe de oshigoto should fit that bill OP
To-love ru Darkness.
Some kind of ongoing plot
Art so hot you might as well be reading softcore porn made by the artist himself
>Velvet kiss
haven't read much but it was borderline hentai, and seemed really good)

>Nozoki ana
this one is tricky, lots of fapworthy scenes and interesting story then it all goes to shit and endless drama just shits everything up

>Minamoto-kun Monogatari
less explicit scenes than the two previously mentioned but still fappable in my opinion, story seems quite good so far as well

>Ore tama
A classic, although it's been so long i'v read it it's hard to remember. Borderline hentai too, story isn't amazing but still a fun read

>Nana to kaoru
Pretty good too, especially if you into bondage shit then it's a goldmine pretty much.

>kono s o, mi yo!
Pretty weird, think story was kinda like nozoki ana, tons of drama but still good. From memory very fappable scenes in every chap almost too.

I have tons of other ones I started but can't remember all from the top of my head and my data thing is on an external hard drive. This should give you enough material for a while anyway.
I'll keep listing them as I remember them. I'v had quite a thing for borderline hentai stuff for a while. I'd just get off reading the manga, then go fap to some doujinshi or actual H manga, and go back to the borderline hentai one I was reading. I could repeat this process for hours, which I did. They day I discovered nozoki ana I still remember the pain in my dick. Actually pain from too much masturbation.
Anyway I just remembered another :

Not much of a story, teacher gets into new school, students all hot girls, and he has this thing where he just fantasize and the scenes are quite explicit. And well, he does it a LOT.
I remembered another :
>Kimi wa midara na boku no joou
Art is really good and story interesting but barely a few chapters out sadly. Think it's pretty short as well.
One last that I remembered ;

>nemeruru hoshi
This one is really interesting, story is awesome. Scenes kinda fappable but really worth checking for the setting.

Are you even still here OP? am i just throwing lewd recommendations in an empty room?
Blade play
Mujaki no Rakuen
Nozoki Ana

You'll cum buckets.
>>kono s o, mi yo!

That doctor chick the just does it for me everytime

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