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Bleach chapter discussion/predictions thread.

Can we all agree that the "explanation" for Renji's bankai was piss poor?
Even more pathetic is that the guy just told him the true name. Your brother in arms deems you unworthy but here you go. He must have felt like shit.
I would've liked more exposition other than just "your zanpakuto doesn't fully acknowledge you", but other than feeling like it needed another page, I'm fine with the explanation.
No idea why you fags bitch about it. The explanation was poor but makes sense, his zanpakuto always was a snake and a monkey, but his bankai was only a snake, now its properly snake and monkey, its good, no asspull there, clearly it was planned.
He must have felt like a buffoon.
>Can we all agree that the "explanation" for Renji's bankai was piss poor?
Yeah. One of the simplest asspulls in the book.
"You were lied to, lol"
I wouldn't mind if it was because he went straight from unlocking his bankai to using it in combat like Byakuya said, but his zanpakuto pulling a reverse Yumichika because it thinks Renji is shit?

That made more of a joke than he already is and opens up the possibility of other characters getting fucked over in the same way.
The bankai explanation is fine. Yumichika's shikai is intentionally released improperly by calling the name wrong. Renji stated that his bankai was incomplete when he first used it. His sword must have given him it because it the felt the rush, and gave him the big snake bankai as a power-up. But he never went back to train it properly while manifesting his monkey-snake thing. It makes sense. It's another Kubo ass-pull, but it falls in line with Bleach reasoning.

I am more interested in Rukia's power-up. Kubo had best give her a bankai before the manga ends.
>Full colors
>big snake bankai
Biggest joke in bleach history
Why? makes sense. Try bitching harder
I'm not bitching about this. I mean the snake bankai was so shit that I'm okay with this explanation.
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Then I got it wrong, sorry anon. P-please dont hate me
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Don't worry. I didn't express myself clearly
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N-no anon it was my fault
can we hold hands?

>Manga name

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