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Can somebody explain to me why new tv series are dim at flashing scenes? And why this apply only to hdtv releases? e.g. http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/57852
so, they must avoid photosensitive epileptic in television but there's no need for that on blu-rays? So, people with epileptic can't buy BDs? Weird
it's your TV adjusting the color palette to have more depth at the dark end because it think it's going to be showing darker images, not knowing it's just a flashing thing. I think.
Everyday you learn something new.

Is there a way to fool MPC into not doing that?
Bother encoders to do their shit right, it's not a problem with your player.
CR doesn't have those issues btw.
The fuck are you talking about? MPC doesn't do anything to the flashing scenes.
Wouldn't know, I am really tech illiterate, i usualoy use whatever the person with the most reasonable argumment says to use in /a/.

Not all of us are /g/ man.
encoders can't do anything about it. it's done by the station that airs the show
>CR doesn't have those issues btw.

They get dimmed scenes all the same.
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They do this to protect your eyes, you should be thankful.
You can fix most of those scenes just fine by simply increasing contrast+saturation. Problem is that most encoders don't bother because it means going over the whole video to check for such scenes.

I guess it depends on what source they get.
Fuck that. I didn't calibrate my TVs colors just to have them fuck it up.
Too bad there's so little interest in this problem. It's quite distracting (for me at least).

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