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Is there any new content in the movies, or should I not bother?
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>every fucking day
The movies are maybe 5% new content, 20% slightly reworked scenes, and 20% heavily reworked scenes. It's not much.

That said, the series is one that gets better every time you watch it, so what reason do you have to NOT watch the movies at least once each?
No, they'e shitty cash in

There are nuances and changes in the second movie that tie in to Homura's role as the protagonist of Rebellion. It's worth it.

The first one is the movie that doesn't contribute much, but it's not bad--provided you don't bemoan the loss of the old BGMs.
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>there are people in meguca threads who STILL don't know what a Luminous is
If you have to ask, then don't bother.

We don't want you here anyway.
>loss of the old BGMs.
Please explain. No glorious Kajiura soundtrack? No Sis puella magica? No Puella in somnio? No Conturbatio?
Fuck this gay shit.
They mostly got redone. Whether you like the changes or not is opinions.

Mami's song got actual lyrics added for the Charlotte fight, which I liked a little less, but thats just me.
It's more like, some BGM got redone and some were switched around. It's the same Kajiura, but it's jarring for a return viewer, as the scenes won't be as you remember them.
>the series is one that gets better every time you watch it, so what reason do you have to NOT watch the movies at least once each?

Does that mean the ending won't be complete shit if I watch it again?
Dunno, have you fixed your shit taste yet?

Most of the original soundtrack was used. Scenes that repeated a track in the original series got a new track specially made for the scene.

Generally, the new OST fits better, IMO. However, the way the old soundtrack was used in the movies was pretty bad in some scenes.
Could an ending with Ribbon Homu possibly be shit?
Couldn't watch the movies because it lacked all the good music, and no OP/ED

I think in Elsa Maria fight they used a completely different song
It's just an orchestral arrange of Decretum, listen carefully.

Also, what the fuck are you on, the music in the movies is great.

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