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I'm really interested in Berserk. Should I read the manga, watch the anime, or both? And if I do both, which should I do first?

I'll admit I already watched the first episode and read the first chapter, and I feel like maybe the anime is better for me, but I want to hear what /a/ has to say.
Anime is good, avoid the new movies. Anime only does the first arc. If you really want to watch the anime it's still well worth reading the manga after. Be aware that it's incomplete and updates very infrequently. Eitherway the manga is a lot of fun and has some great artwork.
I didn't even know there were movies, but yeah, avoiding them sounds right. Since the anime is only a part of it I'll start there. Thanks.
The anime cuts out a lot of important shit, at least the movies add them in.

You're better off just reading the manga OP and staying away from the anime all together. Though once you finish the eclipse arc i'd recommend watching the third berserk movie, they get it right where it counts.
Forgot to mention the movies only cover what's already in the anime. You might wanna watch it after the anime as it has some sick fight scenes but does use copious amounts of CG. Have fan man I wish I could go into the series fresh.
It's pretty shitty that all the promotional art of the anime is about an arc that it never covers.

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