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I hate to break it to you guys, and I hate to be the one to say it, but this is "that" point in anime history we've finally come to. It's not even subtle anymore.

This, for example, is basically Feminism: The Anime.

>Tall 6' 2'' girl in a relationship with average height male
>Girl has powerful magical abilities
>Girl has ultimate authority in the relationship
>Girl calls MC her "princess", implying he's the one that she needs to protect
>MC submits to her power and authority with all his heart after realizing her power and authority
>All the powerful witches are obviously girls
>The school seems to consist mostly of girls
>Even the powerful school bullies are led by girls
>The male students we do see beat up the MC under the direction of the female bullies
>If the beta male MC is to survive, he must obey the heroine unconditionally

Examples of current anime series following the trend:
>Witch Craft Works (Mentioned above)
>Golden Time (Beta MC rewarded with a romantic relationship by "putting up" with a Golden Bitch)
>D-Frag! (Girls not only know how to have more fun than boys, but they take higher positions in academic institutions)
>Chu2 (Beta MC is rewarded with a romantic relationship by "putting up" with an autistic peer)

This is unrealistic, quite stupid, lacks meaning, and is actually more immoral than you would think at first glance. This is the kind of "entertainment" young adult males grow up with along with other anime series with very similar trends.

Do you enjoy this? Have you embraced feminism without even knowing it?
It's not feminist. It's a fantasy for beta males who want dominant females. Let's not even start this sort of gender shit anyway. This isn't /v/.
Niggas just don't know how to be alpha, is all.
For all of you saying >>>/v/, I don't browse /v/, so I never knew there were gender wars on that board. Excuse me for pointing out however that such a thing also pertains to anime.
I for one welcome our new alpha overladies.
And it's healthy to watch this trend over and over again?
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Yes, I enjoy it.
Please read Mother Sarah and embrace your inner beta male.
You tried forcing a shit /lgbt/ thread here the other day and it didnt work, OP.

And on that note

Basically this. Beta otakus want dominant women to take care of them.

Not trying to be an armchair psychologist here but I think they basically want someone to fill the role of a sexy mom that they're able to fuck. Either that or they just want to be able to do nothing and still get bitches because they're lazy.
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