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/a/ why do you hate anime?
because it can't be the way i want it to be.

it's always dependent on the pop culture atm which is loli incest yuri
That question mark looks really out of place, you should've posted something anime-related.
Because if it isn't moeshit, it's something incredibly edgy for kids. There is few in between.

I'm waiting for another Texhnolyze or at least an Eden.
Once upon a time I watched Madoka and Evangelion back to back. It caused such a false impression of anime that I haven't recovered.
sometimes i wish the US would make more cartoons that are like anime but without the
jailbait thing
The problem is in the west, especially US and Canada, cartoons are mostly for kids unless you air them at night, then they are filled with tit and ass jokes and pop culture references. Say Avatar for instance, lots of serious parts yes but they will never show actual violence and everything is intertwined with humor for the kids. One of my professors was actually a writer for Kappa Mikey, and every time they wanted to do something, they were shot down by the executives. They had an episode that was an exact replica of Fear and Loathing written out but they were told it couldn't be done.
Cause you're a /v/ermin.

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