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Do you guys think that this anime could have done better if it aired on free TV instead of only airing on cable?

Coppelion thread, I guess?
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Aoi is a fujoshit. All hope is lost.
No, it was shit
dropped after 3 episodes
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at lest she is a qt
>grey skin
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>dropping it before spider mechs and 360 no-scopes
This anime could have done better if they had developed the deeper plot points instead of just having the girls say "BWAAAA I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING" and calling it a day.
Also Aoi had literally no use except for that one deus ex machina moment which never repeated anyway, again showing how they threw any character development out of the window. She wasn't even a comedic relief since she wasn't funny at all
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Maybe. But it could've done better if it did cut back on the serious drama in the first two or three episodes (there were also some issues with the direction, I remember the scene where the woman and her baby hung on a ledge and she somehow managed to hand it over to whoever was holding her arm (Ibara?), but it wasn't really shown - pretty confusing). The later episodes were way better, also made it clear that the show isn't to be taken too seriously at times.
Of course the Fukushima reactor catastrophe surely played a role as well. Most Japanese aren't fond of being reminded of that shameful display. Something that unpleasant is rather ignored, especially by the otaku that prefer shows with grorious nippon MC having other countries sluts lusting after his cock.
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You're SO wrong about Aoi. She was one of the highlights of the show.
How though? She literally did nothing except complain about how useless she was because she did nothing. It was so frustrating. Particularly at the end, when they're on the train about to enter the thick zone and Ibara is crying because the kid died (forgot his name). Aoi could have just stepped up and driven the fucking train herself, but no, she starts crying too. What the fuck?
I really wanted to like her but goddamn

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