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> $ 39,477 / day

Where are they getting these figures and why haven't you started your own online manga reader site yet?
I can only imagine that its all in royalties... there is no technical reason it would take over $1000 a month to run a site of that size (without labor costs). Labor on a site of that size should be one dedicated person, $5K/mo at MAX, that gives ~$6K/mo by my extimates of a maximum value it should be... this is if they do it right that is.
did you even read the image? the quoted figure is revenue
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>The manga the readers are reading are blood and sweat by the scanlators
Well, they have, since that page is from a Kisu KissManga release who are associated with, of course, KissManga the online reader.
Quality hypocrisy.

So they're just peeved that they're not earning as much?
Shouldn't these sites be illegal? Always fucking wondered.

The online readers are ripping off the scanlators who are ripping off the manga artists. The only reasonable course of action is to use adblock to rip off the readers.
Most likely, and that fox/here are hosting their shit.

They're usually hosted in China or other 'We don't care about your IP' locations, and manga publishers don't have any ability to pressure foreign sites.
Pretty much. As a scanlator myself, I find people who bitch about online readers hosting their shit to be the most childish, hypocritical people ever.
The majority just cry about it because it impacts the donations they get (which they usually don't need, like a group that uses pub raws and a wordpress).

Honestly, other scanlators enrage me far more than online readers do.

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