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>Use MangaTraders because they have RSS feeds for individual comics.
>MangaTraders is dropping support of CDisplay
>Been using CDisplay for years because it works

I'm torn between using some other convoluted was of downloading manga or just switching to another manga reader. Batoto has RSS, but not to downloadable archives.

How do you read your manga? Do you download it or just use an online reader?
mangafox and narutofan
>using mangatraders for online reading
Fucking why? It's slow as hell.
I use Batoto + Webcomic script, and download everything else they don't host to read with CDisplay.
>mangatraders for online reading

I use FeedReader to download their archives whenever there's a new release. Don't use the online reader.
>dropping support of CDisplay
What does 'dropping support' even supposed to mean? Is it really so hard to make an archive that will open in every viewer?

>and is still in development as an open source project.
Hah, no.
They're only removing required support. Almost all cases will still work fine as the only change is a sorting requirement.
Additionally, I can't see their core uploaders changing anything they currently do, so most of your shit will be literally no different.
Don't shit yourself before you see the outcome.
>What does 'dropping support' even supposed to mean?

It means they will no longer require pages to correctly sort in CDisplay. Usually filenames are padded out with 0's so page 02 for example will load before page 10.
That's not exactly CDisplay only. It's fucking common courtesy.
Isn't CDisplay open source? I don't see the source code anywhere.
Just use Honeyview.
>Isn't CDisplay open source?

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