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Not really to much into anime anymore but recently I started watching stuff from when I was a kid. Just finished watching Akira and the new dub takes out some classic lines and seems to go out of it's way to say names as dumb as possible but it was still cool to rewatch.

The point of this thread is i'm trying to find more animes from my youth that I have long forgotten. So what are some more animes that a young teenager in the 90s would get a hold of? I remeber watching a ton that take place in a cyber punk style neo Tokyo but cant get the names out of my head. So any recommendations?
I'm sure you enjoyed Boku no pico when it came out, since you've always been a massive faggot.
I'm sorry is animes not the acceptable plural?
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Because it's a Japanese word.
You don't say Samurais, or Sakuras.
So, you don't say Animes.
Oh well that explains it. Thanks anon
To start with: Bubblegum Crises, Cyber City Oedo, Demon City Shinjuku
There are a ton of other ones as well. Cyberpunk was a pretty common setting for OVAs in the 80's to early 90's.

Also, you should really check out the manga for Akira sometime. Its arguably one of the best comics ever made.

I'll stop spoon feeding now.
Yeah I want to, hope it would explain more about the plot. Also whats up with /a/ and spoon feeding stuff. No other board does that. If you go on /o/ and ask what car you don't get people telling you to get out. Same for /k/ and /v/. A is a strange board.
yeah /A/ is a strange board
Never been there personally

OP it's because these damn threads come up once every hour or less asking for recommendations. The OP can't delete threads so they just pile up and clog the catalog
We see it constantly and it's irritating

Most /a/nons see it as 'Why should I provide recommendations to someone too lazy to just google search'
Just type in cyberpunk anime, or post-apocalyptic anime or something. Any keyword you want and you'll find it eventually as well as many other potentially great titles to check out

As much as the community is hated, just go on Akira's page on MAL and look at recommendations, or ANN and search of series with similar themes. Read the synopsis and maybe check it out if it seems interesting.

I bothered to write this because you seem polite and I haven't done this speil in a couple of months

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