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How popular are idols in japan?

Just finished watching Nourin, and I'm wondering if that opening sequence has any semblance to reality.

Do thousands of otaku actually pack stadiums wearing matching pink robes and waving glow-sticks?
yes they're that popular.
Yes. Idols are a pretty big thing in Japan, basically pumping a lot of money in their economy.
Man, if only there videos of that on the Internet.
Man, if only there were sites designed to hold and share these videos free of charge.
The top idols are very popular
However, there's so many girls and boys who want to become idols but they stay as background dancers/low level idols forever, not all of them get to be part of units that get promoted heavily and lots of fame
Some of them just quit because their dreams are crushed and some become AV actors
i dont know if its more or less impressive that those are vocaloids
>some become AV actors

This is a myth. This rarely happens. Trust me, I wish it did. Considering there are hundreds of girl idols only one AV idol debut a 6 months / year is very negligible. Most of them just quit entertainment then and focus on studies.
Example how one becomes an idol

>Kitagawa repeatedly has employed a standard formula in the development and marketing of his acts. Johnny & Associates holds open tryouts for potential performers. The production agency recruits boys as young as ten into a talent pool known as Johnny's Juniors. Successful applicants live in a company dormitory and attend a company-run school. They train to hone their showmanship in the form of singing, dancing and acting. Kitagawa holds an annual summer festival known as "Johnny's Summary".

>Promising members of Johnny's Juniors appear alongside of established members of Kitagawa's fold. The junior members act as background dancers for the major acts to allow for name recognition prior to being launched as a separate group.

>The members of the Juniors also appear in on "Hachi-ji da J", a weekly television variety show. Members sing, dance, and perform in comedic sketches as they further develop the skills to graduate to a major act.

>Once launched, Kitagawa has been known to use his established groups to induce television stations to report on his newer acts, and ensure favorable press coverage for his acts and himself. Programs that give unfavorable coverage do not receive interviews or television appearance from popular stars managed by Kitagawa.

>Kitagawa maintains a high degree of control over his acts, to the extent that their images do not appear on the company website. Performers are expected to maintain a public image that is conducive to marketing to young women.
that is so incredible fucking sad, who is she? i wanna give her a hug.

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