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Why do you guys think females and scissors go so well together in anime? Or why is it the industry seems to believe it does almost exclusively to this gender? Series off the top of my head that include this are.
Kill La Kill
Mysterious Girlfriend X
Gatchaman Crowds
Dog and Scissors
Seems like a trend, but it's one trend I can get behind if it brings more girls like Urabe and Ryuuko. Not really sure why it started, though.
Because guys can't scissor.
Cuz japs are hivemind as fuck. It's just a trend.
There are male scissors too, like Crime Edge.
It's deep yuri symbolism
because tribadism
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Sorry OP, looks like you're wrong
Ooooh five series with female protagonists that use scissors

Must be some massive industry trend
Must be biased sexism towards males
Why is this a female only archetype?
Why does this keep happening?
Why do you ask such pointless questions?
This is irrelevant and stupid

also this >>100344439
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Don't forget Kotomi
I'll give you a hint. The main demographic of anime are schoolchildren. Folding knives are highly restricted in Japan - I am not even sure if they are legal in some neutered form like they are in England. Firearms are almost entirely banned. The only sort of weapons that kids have access to are what they use in school, which incidentally includes scissors and box cutters.

You listed a bunch of anime that include scissors, but there are plenty that make use of box cutter-like weapons as well. You may simply have not recognized them as such. One example off the top of my head is Shingeki no Kyojin. Believe it or not, they are trying to appeal to the fanbase by saying to kids "Hey, look how cool your box cutters in your school bag are. Ours can kill titans. Maybe yours can too if you buy enough of our merchandise."

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