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So today I marathoned Paranoia Agent and my god I loved the build up and even the bit of filler was nice too. However as it got towards the end I can't help to feel really unsatisfied. I can't put my finger on to why but does anyone else feel this?
Pretentious 2deep4u shit for fedora faggots to over analyze and circlejerk to.

Also, it was boring
The ending was terrible and a pretty stupid culmination of a whole lotta nothing. It had its good and bad parts, it definitely ends on a bum note.
I thought it was entertaining, wasn't it the best anime I've seen but I can say I felt it was bad. I'm person that likes twilight zone a lot and shit and again I liked the first part. But I felt underwhelmed of how things unveiled. I again I can't say it's bad because I like the stories of the victims and the people involved, but the the plot felt disappointing somehow
It was originally going to be longer

Amazing show hated by normalfags
Oh well, that might explain why felt a bit cheated I guess. Same deal happened to this comic book I read called American Virgin and same deal happened and oddly I feel a similar way
Yeah, I'm not a fan of the ending either. I wish they kept Shounen Bat as a figment of their psychosis that was spreading due to rumours and increasing media attention. Though that episode with the detectives wife was fucking phenomenal.
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are you ready, /a/?

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