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You niggers have likely not seen the depths of hell.
An anime so bad that it transcends its own medium and genre.
Something that is already mediocre, shit, full of pandering, without a plot, just overall fucking stupid, all of that for it to turn into the best worst perfect gem of an anime.

You motherfuckers know Ikkitousen right?

That fighting tits shit with girls fighting in skimpy skirts and almost showing breast. Yeah well listen to this masterpiece.


Don't know what the fuck that shit is? It's fucking Ikkitousen but on fucking crack.
5 fucking episode and it's a goddamn masterpiece.

They show breast, tits, and all that good shit AND, it has one of the best final episode ever made.


You think Code Geass or Madoka had a good ending? THINK AGAIN MOTHERFUCKER.

This fucking masterpiece subverses, deconstructs, reconstructs and creates a new fucking subgenre within its own goddamn genre that it caters to everything you can want in an anime.


No anime will ever make you so sick, so repulsed and so hated after watching this beauty that you will forever remember this damn anime.

Watch it you piece of shit. What this masterpiece and find out how it's great.

If you only watch 4 out of the five episode, you're officially a goddamn pussy. What this show and reck you at how perfect it is. LOVE IT.

And if you're out to go watch it, then you're already fucked since no goddamn torrent exist. NONE.

But how do you watch something that doesn't have a torrent?
Well guess what motherfuckers, Funimation loved this shit soooo much they made a dub for it.
Yeah, a fucking dub, it's THAT good and praiseworthy.

So go lower that goddamn elitism of yours and submit to watch it streamed.
Have your goddamn balls laid for the Sungod to laugh at you as you fall into despair.

You think Schooldays had a good ending, you don't even know what's coming to you.

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