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sup /a?
tl;dr : any good but, and hopefully somewhat mature and/or "low powered" fantasy anime about?

I don't watch that much anime nowadays, but I recently started watching Legend of the Legendary Heroes.
It's alright, but I'm not a big fan of anime that is too.... "anime" if you catch my drift.

Do you guys have any suggestions for fantasyanime that is more lowkey? Like Record of Lodoss War or Berserk.

I'm looking for three criteria. In this order:
1) It's good
2) No supersqueeky voices, no small girls yelling "ooooooniiiii-chaaaaaan", no pantyhumor etc.
3) Bonus points if the "powerlevel" is low. A swordfight that stays on the ground and doesn't end in the fighters jumping 100 feet in the air would be welcome.
Sounds like you are looking for Bible Black.
No problem there, sport, try kenshin ova, sword art online, berserk, shingeki no kyoujin, you might also try cowboy bepop.
12 Kingdoms
boku no kaiji
OP here.
Sweet tips people.
When I go to 4chan I usualy go to /b so I forget how helpful people can actualy be ^^

Will definetly check some of this out later today

Also: If you have not seen the good old Record of Lodoss War you should try it. The animations might have aged somewhat but I think it should still be pretty awsome.
No problemo xD Have fun!!!!
Listen to this.


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